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Valsecchi 1918

Valsecchi 1918 means to explore the expressive potential of wood in order to create a new language that bridges modern and traditional identities. Valsecchi 1918 has succeeded in creating a group project with the contribution of the best designers. It reinvents solid wood furniture in a living, emotional way.
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The Valsecchi brand 1918 was born in Valsecchi in 2011. Despite its young age, Valsecchi 1918 refers to the great experience of its parent company, born as the name says in 1918.

Ancient history

Valsecchi was born as a company specialized in the processing of the handles of work tools, usually files and tools for the textile industry starting from solid wood. The founder was Giacomo Valsecchi, grandfather of those who are still in charge of the family group, which has expanded its business over time, always remaining in the woodworking sector. The first family company was born in the province of Lecco, and quickly its scope of work is enlarged, including even toys and small tools for the house, always in wood, worked using the artisan method of turning.

Coming up to our days

In the 40s Valsecchi mainly produces wooden toys, those that everyone knows, like brightly colored puppets or small carriages drawn by tiny horses, to fuel the imagination of children. In the '50s Valsecchi was enriched with a production line for household objects, furnishing accessories and small tools for everyday use. Over time, wooden toys are almost completely replaced by plastic products and, in the '70s, the company almost totally converted, starting the production of clothes hangers, hangers and other objects of various types. The material used is always wood, generally high quality solid wood.

< strong> Valsecchi today
Today the Valsecchi company brings together some brands that deal with the design and production of wooden objects of various kinds, from furnishing accessories of various types, up to tables and garden or camping chairs. Since 2011, the family business has expanded to include design furnishing accessories, with the Valsecchi 1918 brand that collaborates with the best Italian and international designers. The starting idea is always the same: to transform the best wood into objects that can help to furnish the home, to better perform everyday activities.

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Valsecchi 1918

I designers who collaborate with this company are many, young and innovative, and have allowed to produce a collection that continues to grow over the years. The objects produced are the most varied, united by the intent to prepare simple things, but with an unusual and original touch. The catalog includes shelving, hangers, shelves, chairs, tables of various sizes. The construction materials are typically solid wood, conjugated in all its possible dimensions and colors, associated with leather, high-tech paints or even metal.

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This company has made eco-sustainability one of its strengths. Working with a material taken from nature it is important that the entire production cycle takes place in total agreement with the nature and timing of tree development. All the wood used to produce the splendid objects of the various collections comes from forests and forests that are properly managed, not from the international timber traffic that looms the lungs of the planet of its best members. In addition to this, the entire production cycle is environmentally friendly: the production facilities have been renovated, removing the old old-fashioned roofs containing asbestos. All the industrial facilities are covered by a large photovoltaic system, which produces totally clean energy from renewable sources. The waste material deriving from the production is totally recycled or reused to heat the company or to produce chipboard panels. For painted or colored components, only solvent-free products are used.

The catalog
The catalog Valsecchi 1918 is constantly expanding, with collections of small size, but perfectly identifiable thanks to a wise vision and business management.