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Wik & Walsøe's first porcelain collection debuted in 2007 to great acclaim. Products are easily recognised by their natural and unique beauty, influenced by Scandinavian nature and mythology and made by diligent and experienced craftsmen. In 2013 the design studio were awarded the Female Entrepreneur of the year prize by Innovation Norway.
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Enter the enchanted world of Wik-Walsøe
Open your eyes and heart: you'll see magic and mysterious figures shaping in front of you. Look at the branches stretching out towards the sky and embracing winter, breathe in the air of Norway. Listen to the incessant beat of mother earth and follow it into the forest: discover all the beauty of the creative nature of Wik-Walsøe's magic universe! Let yourself be guided by the unique design of Linda Walsøe and Ragnhild Wik, and experience the warm embrace of winter as never before.

The story of Wik and Walsøe
Linda Svedal Walsøe is a designer, who graduated at the prestigious Esmond International and since 1993 focuses on the production and development of interior design objects. In 2006, Linda Walsøe and her colleague Ragnhild Wik decided to join to set up the design studio Wik & Walsøe, which soon enabled them to define a collection characterized by unique features. Wik-Walsøe debut line was launched on the market in 2007 and since then, this brand has established itself in Norway and in foreign countries as well. In 2013, Wik & Walsøe received the Innovation Norway as ‘best entrepreneurs of the year', a prestigious prize of 1 million dollars. The aim of Wik & Walsøe design studio is to create exclusive high-quality products, acquiring value over the time.

Two masterminds for one brand
Everything has begun when these two Norwegian designers have met and decided to create an innovative brand made up of unique items, inspired by their culture. Then Wik &Walsøe started to focus on the idea of designing a collection linked to Scandinavian nature, the traditions and rich mythology of this enchanted land. Wik-Walsøen products show a strong bond with their origin, that is the distinctive feature of each line, as it is permanent the bond with the quality of materials used and sustainability.

The brand philosophy
The fundamental value of Wik-Walsøe is to create products with a strong style connotation without impacting on the environment: materials are pure and paints used are lead-free. All the artisans working for Wik-Walsøe have been chosen among the best professionals of Europe and Asia, and share the values and philosophy of this brand.

The production of Wik-Walsøe
Decorating tables, as if they were rooms: this is the distinctive trait of this Norwegian brand. Plates, glasses, bowls: everything is absolutely extraordinary and of the highest quality. Each element of Wik-Walsøe collections can enrich even the simplest tables and complete the most elegant.

What is behind Wik-Walsøe collections?
When Wik & Walsøe gather around the table to give birth to a brand new project, their goal is to endow each creation with the warmth of materials used. A classical example for this: terracotta dishware and the contrast between the raw material and the coloured surface, resulting in a playful and naturally beautiful product. Thanks to their elegance and sobriety, each Wik-Walsøe product fits in with any type of design, even the most modern.

The elf
At the beginning of the great Wik-Walsøe project, these two designers found themselves in the situation of choosing a distinctive material to characterize their lines. In 2006, Walsøe chose that the elf as a key symbol for their brand. The elf symbolises hope, dreams and the conviction that nothing is impossible. Thanks to its magic and ability to turn every wish into reality, the elf embodies perfectly all the values and feelings that Wik & Walsøe want to convey through their products. This is also the reason behind the creation of an Elf series, composed by plates and dishware in refined porcelain and glass. Because of the great success of this collection, Wik-Walsøe agreed to make it even more special by adding gold to decorate their creations. The Gold Elf collection gathers home decor elements for the table characterized by elegance and all elements are illuminated with 24K gold leaf.

The characteristics of snow, with its pureness and infinite simplicity, have inspired the new Wik-Walsøe line. The snow is a winter poem, is the sweet countryside of Scandinavian landscapes. The latest Wik-Walsøe creations are covered by little and light snowflakes that emerge delicately from the edges of plates, trays and bowls. Unlike the the Elf and Gold Elf collections, this new line is characterized by a great deal of versatility and interacts with other objects in a natural and elegant way. The series Snow is composed by 11 items, all realized in fine Chinese porcelain, conferring to materials an incredible brightness and a precious and luminous aspect.

Glass glares in the forest
Another particularly loved subject on which Wik & Walsøe focus their study are the natural beauties of Norway, and especially the deer. This majestic and wild creature enriches one of their most successful lines: Alveskog collection. Alveskog models have become an important part of Wik & Walsøe world and this new collection, which focuses on glass, brings nature on the table. Shapes are simple, organic and generous; this is a series dedicated to the pleasure of drinking elegantly, in which the main elements are refined Champagne glasses, red and white wine glasses, bier and exquisite water glasses.