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Zieta prozessdesign

Zieta Prozessdesign does not only aspire to design fabulous forms. Its aim is to create innovative solutions which generate endless possibilities for development and usage. Processes that are inspiring and lead to unpredictable results and forms, to reach the best possible synergy between technology and design.
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Zieta Prozessdesign
Unique technologies, experimental design, excellence of forms. Perhaps this is not enough to give you an idea of the revolutionary design concept implemented by the Polish brand Zieta Prozessdesign, but it is a good start.
We are in Wrocław (Breslau), and this is where Zieta Prozessdesign wants to create innovative solutions able to inspire endless possibilities of use and development. Working processes that lead to unexpected results and shapes designed to achieve the best possible synergy between technology and design.
Creating unique and customizable objects is the primary goal of this company that imagines a future of light, made of durable structures and customized projects to respond in the most efficient way possible to all market demands.
Research, innovation, use of thenlatest tools and techniques to create amazing furnishings dedicated to all those who love design and are always trying to get hold of the latest amenities.

Oskar Zieta is an architect, but also the founder of Zieta Prozessdesign. Born in 1975, he graduated in Switzerland and then started to work at the CAAD department - Computer Aided Architectural Design. Winner of several awards such as the Audi Mentor in 2011, the Red Dot Award for innovation and production process in 2008, the German Design Council award in 2009, and it was also nominated in 2009 for the "Schweizer Design Preis" .
The magazine "Wire" has defined his projects and his designs "The furniture of the future," so much so that many of his creations are placed in prestigious museums such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Pinakothek der Moderne in Monaco of Bavaria, Design Museum of Zurich and the Baden Museum in Karlsruhe.

The name "Prozessdesign" that Oskar Zieta gave to his two design studios (one based in Wroclaw and one in Zurich), means exactly "design process" and fully reflects the philosophy of this architect his personal as regards his own idea of design.
Nevertheless, the same founder of Zieta Prozessdesign is also the inventor of the three-dimensional steel process called FIDU: a process that makes use of an internal air pressure to weld pieces of metal melting them together, and creating exceptionally designed objects such as the Plopp collection of stools, a best seller among Zieta Prozessdesign creations.

Plopp is a playful line of chairs, available in various sizes, that the Polish brand has created using the revolutionary FIDU technique: two ultra-thin sheets of steel plate are joined along the edges and filled with air at high pressure to give them the characteristic 3D effect. FIDU allows the production in series of original and extremely lightweight objects that are also very durable in time. Since its launch, the Plopp collection has been exhibited around the world on various occasions, winning many prominent awards. The low stool Plopp can become the true "wild card" for your home. Perfect for decorating with a touch of style any room, it can also have many uses: a table for extra guests, in the bathroom to rest objects while you prepare yourself, on the terrace to keep you company while you dedicate yourself to plants, or as a useful tabletop next to the sofa in the living room.

Zieta Prozessdesign produces different furnishings for the house as well as the famous collection of stools Plopp. Among its products there are for example the ethereal centerpieces Rondel, the wall hangers Kamm or the wall version in the shape of a stair called Drab inox.
What makes the Wroclaw-based company the best in its field is the dedication and the ongoing search for a new and futuristic light that illuminates all its furnishings. A qualified team of professionals specialized in different fields such as bionics, sociology, engineering and architecture, contributes to the creation of all new designs.

This is the philosophy on which the brand focuses every day: excellence is achieved only through the cohesion between different disciplines and knowledge. Technology and design are a powerful winning combination, but if separated they lose energy. To create innovative design, these two elements have to run hand in hand.
The use of steel and the in-depth studies of this material form part of the futuristic vision of the company, according to which it would steel will be the protagonist element of the next century. The peculiarity of Zieta Prozessdesign designers is to use the same materials for their creations. All objects are generated by the inspiration communicated by steel itself, or other metals.

The main goal is to provide innovative solutions that create endless possibilities of development and use. Designers create, and then it is up to you to decide how to use the objects.
A new generation of modern craftsmen works for Zieta Prozessdesign, who are capable of creating unique pieces thanks to their skills and the innovative materials that inspire their creativity.
The "plus" of the Polish brand is quite evident: it has succeed in bringing into our homes elegant and unusual accessories able to adapt to any style of decoration.

There is a mirror in every home: in the bedroom, to pick the right combinations of clothes, or in the entrance for a last check before going out. The mirror in all its forms is a ubiquitous accessory in every home. However, we are often unsure about the style to match with our furniture: thanks to the Drab Mirror by Zieta Prozessdesign we will have no doubts. This mirror is designed to be as simple as possible, and the innovative air inflation technology allows a better reflection, although the presence of such artifice is not visible to the naked eye. Not only high-level design, but the Mirror Drab is also functional as it does not require any struggle to be hung on the wall: in fact, it is conceived to stand firmly standing on its own.
The prestigious line of accessories designed with different metals also includes a precious limited edition collection: the Copper Collection includes a range of copper items, created using the latest processing technologies. The unique features and the luxurious character of this element create a limited edition of objects modeled according to specific customer requirements, such as tables, chairs, stools, art objects and even wonderful sculptures.