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Coffee Table Sets

Suitable for insecure people or pensioners, table sets are the answer for rooms in continuous transformation but that always want to maintain their character. A single table that can be divided into three, or three separate objects that combine into a single surface: you and your needs will dictate the use and appearance of these sets from time to tim
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"An increasingly sophisticated and demanding pool of customers is entering the design world. A younger brother to the dining table, the coffee table is becoming more and more important when it comes to decorating houses and apartments. Some want a design piece, other a classic style, others still look for something to replace a regular nightstand, and some want something made in environmentally friendly materials: in short, the market has developed to the point that it can fulfil the most extravagant requests. According to historical records, the first coffee table was actually a tea table. In fact, in England in 1750 the fashion of having a tea table in the living room spread and it was only in 1830 that the first coffee table was made. Lower than a dining table, it was perfect to be placed near a couch. Although its origins are unknown, it can be supposed the idea came from India or Japan, or maybe from the Ottoman culture. The oldest coffee table, according to historical records, seems to have been designed by E. W. Godwin in 1868 and later reproduced in large quantities by William Watt. This piece of furniture has changed over the centuries, acquiring different functions, holding coffee, cocktails, tea, sweets, books, games and toys, vases, or anything that might come to mind. Modern and contemporary designers can show how the coffee table has evolved, abandoning its first, more simple role as a surface on which to place objects. Nowadays, in fact, the design world is pushing furniture towards a more innovative and creative look, making coffee tables, for example, a useful accessory that increases the value of a house. From the most extravagant models to the most different materials, the furniture market is increasingly seeking to meet any need customers may have. Furthermore, the various design styles popular today suggest purchasing nesting tables to coordinate and mix according to the space available in your house. Often shops feature pre-made sets to create furniture compositions: interlocking tables, nesting tables, and tables of different sizes but with the same geometric shape. In short, the furniture market has thought of making it possible even for laymen to give an original touch to their living room without having to be an expert in the field. Those who love interior design, on the other hand, can have fun creating an original set of tables, mixing and matching different pieces to give a touch of glamour and refinement to their house, maybe taking inspiration from magazines. It is also important to know where you want to place these nesting tables and what you want to do with them. Usually tables that are meant to be placed in front of the sofa are not particularly tall and feature a rectangular shape as their convivial function calls for a surface that can provide great support. Decorative tables, i.e. those used with the intention to display books or various objects, are often taller because of their function as display surfaces. This feature is shared by so-called service tables, placed laterally to the sofa to provide a higher support surface, which are often used to free one’s hands for a moment of total relaxation on the couch. The main purpose of this type of table, in fact, is to be functional. You should choose a coffee table according to the style of your other furniture as adding an element that clashes with the existing furniture would not be pleasing to the eye. Another important factor is the material especially as the market offers furniture made from a wide range of different materials: iron, wood, glass, Plexiglas, plastic, steel, bamboo, stone, cement, etc. Another factor is the space: if you own an open-space or a large apartment you can have fun with finding innovative and original items while if you have a smaller space to furnish you can think about buying items that are multifunctional and can be both a support surface and a container. A good way to decide how to decorate your living room, is to look over a list of products featured on the LovetheSign website. Presenting itself as a showroom where you can find designer pieces, LovetheSign is a great place where to find ideas and inspiration as well as tables that can be matched in a set. The selection criteria include the styles, characteristics of the materials used, designers' choices, and much more. For younger people who love to get together with friends we suggest design pieces featuring clean and functional lines. Here are some examples. ""Sidarietto"" by Siderio Clean and modern lines to make your living room a real meeting place for homemade cocktails. Available in colours like steel, anthracite, white, and rust, the idea behind this table is to create an elegant item that is also versatile and practical. Made in steel, this table measures about 50 cm in height, width and depth. This table recalls evenings spent in seaside pubs or lake-front restaurants. Take a relaxing break after a full day with a cocktail in your hand – the small size of this table suggest a moment of intimacy between two people, ready to enjoy some free time. ""Soho"" by Coedition Produced by Coedition, a French brand with designers from all over the world, this table features a triangular shape with rounded corners that soften its appearance and make it less austere. Best suited to younger people, it is available only in black yet creates a warm atmosphere thanks to its structure in oak wood and metal. This makes it perfect for a dinner with friends or family for an evening of chatter and laughter. Essential lines, practicality, functionality, and simplicity make it the ideal piece of furniture to create a sitting corner that is modern yet user-friendly at the same time. We suggest adding candles and colourful cushions to sit on for a cocktail evening with friends but the avant-garde elements of this piece make it very versatile and easy to use. We also have many suggestions for those who prefer brighter environments recalling the Northern Europe style. ""Monolit"" by Universo Positivo Featuring a design that is minimal and basic, this table can give a touch of elegance to any corner of your house. Its simplicity also make it suitable both for a family apartment and an open-plan, modern and bright, as its uses are varied: it can turn into a TV stand, a design stool to keep always close at hand, a vase holder to create a sophisticated green area in the living room, a bedside table, and so on. In short, versatility and comfort are what characterizes Universo Positivo, a company which produces furniture that can adapt to the needs of any customer and to any occasion. The metal finishing can be white or black while the structure is made of oak. ""Petra"" by TemaHome Similar in style to ""Monolit"" yet made with more innovative and original materials is ""Petra"" by TemaHome, a brand known for taking materials typically used in construction and using them for furniture. Supported by a tubular structure in black metal, the table surface is made of melamine with a concrete finish, and the texture – raw and simple – of cement shine the spotlight on the brutal aspect of contemporary architecture. This piece is very contemporary in style, and suitable for a sophisticated environment. TemaHome also proposes more classical models such as ""Wide Side 101"", which recalls the idea of a polyvalent table: structured on two levels, the lower one allows you to keep the top surface clear for more traditional functions. ""Dance"" by Karup This table is produced by the Danish company Karup, known to be careful regarding the quality of the materials used, which are all FSC certified. The Forest Stewardship Council is an international organization founded in 1933, independent and non-profit, which aims at promoting the responsible management of forests and plantations. If you care about nature and the environment, this table can be a great way to furnish your house while holding on to your ideals. Available both in white and in a natural wood colour, it fits in well with any existing décor and can be transformed into a storage cabinet (remember to place an order for additional drawers made to measure) or used to hold magazines. For those who loved a lighter style featuring openings that make the structure less heavy, the original version is perfect. If you dream of the Far East and its wonders and you love Japanese art, you can take inspiration from the models below to create beautiful and modern corners in your house. ""Octagon"" by We do Wood Similar to ""Dance"" as it comes from the same philosophy and ideology regarding the choice of materials, ""Octagon"" is another interesting option. This table is produced by We do Wood, a Swedish brand that manufactures its products with environmentally friendly materials: in fact, We do Wood has eliminated formaldehyde from its production line as it is a highly toxic product. An innovative and modern design in an octagonal shape, ""Octagon"" is made in Moso Bamboo and features a neutral colour. This table is therefore very easy to place within different styles like minimal, modern, and contemporary as its octagonal shape as well as the material used give this table a very sophisticated and elegant appearance. ""Toy"" by Slide Unlike the models mentioned previously, all based on basic and neutral colours and the solidity of the materials used, the brand Slide offers a riot of colours to make your living room colourful and fun. This model still features geometric lines – an essential element of modernity – but at the same time it features also bright colours like red and green that can confer a more relaxed atmosphere to your room. The shape of the table recalls the letter T, the model’s initial. Japanese minimalist goes hand in hand with a touch of contemporary reinterpretation in this table, making it a truly modern piece. Getting closer to a modern vision of the table we find real design pieces which revisit the role of the table as a functional surface and turn it into a decorative element. ""Yeh"" wall table by Menu Looking at this model, it is interesting to notice the innovation that this piece of furniture has undergone. Featuring a semi-circular shape and resting on only two legs as it is placed against the wall, this table may be a good option to place in a hall, to leave keys and other items upon entering the house. To create this piece the designer took inspiration from the position of two cheerleaders during rehearsals for a show, and the name was chosen accordingly as well. This model features delicate colours such as powder pink, white, light gray, and sage green, making it suitable for any home environment. Furthermore, thanks to the versatility of the material it is made of (steel), you can also use this table outdoors, on the terrace as a pot holder for example. For the most original and imaginative, the most whimsical and those who pay great attention to design and authenticity, here are some models which can create an effect which will leave your guests awed and impressed by the originality of your home décor. ""Pinocchio"" by Valsecchi 1918 The first interesting model for customers looking for originality is one by the brand Valsecchi 1918, whose designer Luigi Baroli celebrates the history of the brand with a tribute to one of the funniest and most-irreverent fairy-tale character: Pinocchio. Valsecchi is known for its long experience in creating toys and, with this model, the brand decided to recall its origins by creating a piece for the adult world that would bring people back to their childhood. This table is in fact a fun choice as guests would be served by a friendly waiter taking them back into Collodi’s fantastical world. It is safe to say that this special model proposed by Luigi Baroli is a celebration of fun and story-telling. ""A la Carte"" by Seletti The shape of this table suggests a particular use: who wouldn’t want to organize a poker game offering guests the ideal setting? A structure made of cards, a small castle like those we all built as children, is ideal to impress and make every moment a new and original experience. ""Pacific"" by Twentyfirst This model too is very evocative and its simple lines brings us to the concept that first inspired the brand Twentyfirst, i.e. that of meditation. This large Buddha head can easily be placed outdoors to create a corner dedicated to relaxation and reflection in your own garden. ""Rossetti"" by Seletti Wears Toiletpaper Make space for beauty gurus and fashion addicts! What better table to place in your atelier than this model featuring a fun look and absolutely unique? It might be made in wood – a classic material – but the idea this piece comes from is highly original as well as irreverent and provocative: the surface features drawing of male hands holding up red lipsticks on a blue background. Better suited to a modern and contemporary décor, customers can choose it also as a way to enrich their collection with an exceptional piece boasting extravagant lines and bright colours. In the same style is also the coffee table ""Due di Picche"" by the same brand. This brief listing of different models aimed at giving you an idea of ​​the wide range of choices ready to fulfil everyone’s needs when it comes to living room décor. As you may have noticed, some models resemble one other. This selection was made to show how important it is to coordinate colours and materials to create a set of tables that is not necessarily pre-made tables but that gives free rein to your imagination."