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Walls dress up! Patterns, colours and shapes chase each other on these designer wallpapers, turning each and every wall into an artwork ready to be enjoyed.
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Among the models proposed cards get creative with panoramic wallpaper, the huge size and the ancient origins: this type of paper it appears for the first time by the end of the eighteenth century, knowing an incredible success in the seventies and eighties of the last century.

The landscapes, designed by designers of success, may be inspired by the world of dreams and emotions, to rural atmospheres or most modern metropolitan areas. The decorations can be adapted to any type of wall and the material in non-woven fabric makes this type of wallpaper also easily washable.

An Authentic Italian Atmosphere

It is said that one of the wallpapers is just an absolute fantasy landscape, but can also be inspired by an authentic Italian atmosphere: simple and white houses clinging to a hill, red roofs, doors and windows fi. The children's rooms are the ideal kingdom for imaginative wallpaper, inspired by the world of fairy tales and imagination: the reasons are so many to choose from, as soft and colorful animals or trees with fresh, spring colors, with the final effect of a vintage collage. Some cards instead take inspiration from the theme of the sky, in its infinite variations, and that of the planets, the fluorescent dyes and almost psychedelic.

There is a world of on-line solutions to make even the children's room a special place, dedicated to imagination and creativity. Some of these wallpapers include a do-it-yourself kit, with very clear instructions, spatula and glue: this will allow an easy and safe application. But we must always first check that the wall where it will be applied the paper is flat, solid and free of holes. The glue is spread evenly and uniformly on the back of the card (as long as this is not spring). The paper is then glued to the wall gently, pressing lightly with a dry cloth and remove any lumps of glue with a damp cloth or sponge. Most likely at the end of the work will remain a little 'glue that should not throw, but keep in the refrigerator, to paste any flaps that come off.

With these easy instructions to paste the wallpaper will turn out also an activity enjoyable and fun, in addition to wonderfully transform the rooms of your home.

These solutions are all modern, original and ready to dream both you and your children. Also invite your friends will be more beautiful and enjoyable if you can surprise them with these wonderful and new wallpapers.