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Innovative wallpapers in non-woven fabric and cellulose are ready to transform your children's bedroom. Enrich their walls with neutral or amusing decorations or prints, pastel shades or flashes of colour. The Plus Advice: Try new combinations of patterns to divide the game space from the sleeping space.
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Wallpaper for the bedroom

In recent years, wallpaper has come back to the forefront, with modern versions and patterns and quick and easy application methods. In addition, unlike old wallpapers, today there are many different ways of using this particular decorative element, including to decorate your children's room with wallpaper for the bedroom. With delicate colours, serene images and more or less well-known characters, the best wallpaper brands have created solutions able to ensure fun and stimulating atmospheres, nice and always cheerful, to ensure great serenity and safety for children of all ages. LOVEThESIGN, on its website, offers interesting proposals to embellish the walls of the bedrooms with wallpapers of different colors and themes and, above all, with fantasies that can accompany your children even during their growth. The proposals that can be found on LOVEThESIGN are always different depending on the periods, trends and, of course, the collections of the brands. In the case of wallpaper for children's bedrooms, the LOVEThESIGN e-commerce offers solutions proposed by names such as Lilipinso or JV Italian Design by Jannelli&Volpi, to focus on delicate themes and colours or to create walls that are already ready for when children become larger. Lilipinso is a French brand specialized in the art of furnishing the walls of children's bedrooms. Stikers, wall letters, wallpapers and much more, it is proposed with a fresh and light style but at the same time made with the utmost attention to detail.

LOVEThESIGN proposes a series of wallpaper wallpapers, able to ensure the creation of perfect walls for children. Cloud wallpaper, for example, is probably the most representative of how a wallpaper can easily enrich the walls of the bedrooms. Designed by designer Aless Baylis, it is made with first quality paper, this model is presented with the features of a non-woven fabric, which guarantees resistance and maximum durability over time. The fantasy of this paper is very simple, i. e. it portrays clouds made in a stylized way, on a simple background, white or colored even depending on the color of the clouds. The shades of this paper are the typical ones that can be found in the children's bedrooms, white, pink and blue: delicate colors that ensure maximum serenity for children. As a specialist in the manufacture of children's products, Lilipinso uses only safe materials and colours for its wallpapers in accordance with the law, ensuring maximum safety for children as they fall asleep in the clouds of Cloud wallpaper. For children who already show a predisposition to art and painting, a perfect choice for wallpaper to be attached in bedrooms is the Homes model by Lilipinso, made by the designer Sarah Betz. Stylized cottages, small naive decorations among which plants and trees have been erected, have given life to a wallpaper that can brighten the walls of your children's bedroom in a cheerful and serene way. It is a very original decoration reminiscent of the drawings of houses made by children at kindergarten or elementary school: on a white background, the houses are made with simple blue lines, making them perfect for children's and children's bedrooms.

The particularity and fullness of this wallpaper for bedrooms can be more clearly highlighted if combined with a simple furnishing, in light or pastel colours, just like those of the paper itself. To ensure maximum safety in the use of this wallpaper model, Lilpinso's designers have relied on high quality paper, worked in such a way as to guarantee a non-woven effect, which is easy to apply on any type of wall, provided it has a smooth and homogeneous surface. For children a few years old, for whom bright colours capture the best attention, the French brand Lilipinso has created the wallpaper for the Pommes bedroom by designer Chloe Lefeuvre. It is a very original model, characterized by a white background on which are represented apples made in a style that reminds children's drawings. A little childish and a bit naive, this wallpaper for the bedroom is coloured with many different colors, both delicate and bright, ensuring a cheerful effect to your children's bedroom. Simple and elegant the Pommes wallpaper is adhesive, so it is really very easy to apply it to the walls of the bedroom, both in its entirety and only on certain walls. Lilipinso also ensures the complete safety of this wallpaper model, made of safe, resistant and non-toxic materials. The glue that allows the easy affixing of the paper to the wall is also completely safe and guaranteed: in addition, its simplicity of use ensures a great success and made even for those who are not experts in the art of attaching wallpaper. For this very reason, the Pommes wallpaper can also be a nice, simple and practical gift that ensures the success of the children's bedroom. The Polka Dots: Snow wallpaper for the bedroom is very simple and delicate, designed by the design studio Paper & Cloth for the French brand Lilipinso. Specializing in the creation of products that embellish the lives of smaller children, this brand focused on simplicity when it wanted to make this particular wallpaper. On a pearl grey background, the presence of small snowflakes reminiscent of a real winter snowfall, typical of the Nordic countries, can create the particular effect of providing warmth and safety. This wallpaper is made of high quality materials, ensuring high security and durability over time. Very simple to attach to the walls, Polka Dots: Snow wallpaper can be the ideal choice in children's bedrooms decorated with bright colours, which will contrast the delicacy of the colors of the paper itself. This wallpaper, even if it reproduces a winter theme, is characterized by high brightness that, even in the middle of summer, ensures a pleasant light-effect and thanks to its large size, Polka Dots wallpaper: Snow guarantees the safe and simple coverage of all types of walls.

A selection of wallpaper for all tastes

For children and youngsters who love the stories and legends of the Indians of America, Elle C has created for Lilipinso a special wallpaper for the bedroom which, however, can also be used extensively in other rooms. It is a particular wallpaper, which reproduces in a stylised way some of the most important and famous symbols of the culture of Native Americans, from tents to arrows, from feathers to symbols of nature typical of American landscapes in which Indians lived and still live today as cacti or rivers. Indian Spirit wallpaper was created by Lilipinso's designers to embellish the walls of the bedrooms in a simple, stylized and elegant way. All the decorative elements of the Indian spirit are depicted in black and stand out clearly and sharply against the white background of the paper itself. Indian Spirit bedroom wallpaper is made of high quality materials, which ensure a high resistance to both wear and tear. Following the most modern techniques of wallpaper making, Lilipinso's designers wanted to characterize this model of wallpaper using a product with intermediate characteristics between fabric and paper, to ensure not only the highest strength, but also a very high level of quality. A quality that is also recognizable in the simplicity with which the paper itself can be affixed to the wall, quickly and quickly and without risk of tears, folds and air bubbles. Thanks to this special feature, Indian Spirit wallpaper can be attached even by less experienced wallpaper and, above all, it can guarantee an excellent effect on any kind of wall, both smooth and rough. If you prefer to focus on a wallpaper for the bedroom that can be used even when your children grow up, you can choose one of the solutions proposed by the brand Jannelli&Volpi. With more than fifty years of history and specialization in furnishing fabrics and wallpaper, this brand has always been able to create solutions capable of renewing itself in style to suit tastes and fashions. This brand can also count on the quality of Made in Italy, which has always been a business card for those who need to choose their wallpaper. For the Italian Design by Jannelli&Volpi line, LOVEThESIGN has selected Time After Time After Time wallpaper, designed by the famous designer Matteo Ragni. It is a model designed in several versions, Mini and Large, attributes that do not refer to the size of the wallpaper sheets but to the size of the graphics on the paper itself. As you can expect from a designer who won the famous Compasso d' Oro award, this wallpaper cannot be considered just a wallpaper. Made of non-woven fabric, Time After Time represents a dynamic and creative solution for children who are already able to draw, but also for adults who want to express their creativity. The coloured grids and geometric figures that make up this wallpaper, in fact, are true and proper designs to color, using pastel colors, waxes, tempera or any instrument that allows you to give vent to your artistic vein. More than a wallpaper, Time After Time can be considered a great artistic whiteboard, available in five different colours, blue, grey, purple, red and sage green. With this particular solution it can be decided to cover entire walls, to be coloured differently, or only certain areas of the room, according to taste and needs.

Time After Time After Time wallpaper is very easy to use and attach to walls. In addition, it is characterised by highly resistant materials, the colours of which are able to withstand any discolouration caused by direct light. Attaching Time After Time Paper to the walls is very easy thanks also to the instructions on the packaging, which we recommend that you follow exactly. Artichocke wallpaper, like the Time After Time model, has been created by Jannelli&Volpi in two versions, a Micro and a Macro, which have the same graphic pattern but reproduced in two different sizes. Designed by designer Giulio Iacchetti, this wallpaper can be used for children's bedrooms and other rooms. The graphic representation reproduced on this wallpaper, in fact, reproduces an infinite series of stylized artichoke fields, which follow one another seamlessly, with dimensions that are more or less wide depending on the type of model you choose. The colours of this wallpaper are varied and guarantee different effects of brightness and contrast, depending on whether you choose the oil yellow, ice, violet, wood green or moss. Artichocke wallpaper is easy to attach to walls and can be attached to any kind of smooth wall. To ensure that Artichocke wallpaper is correctly displayed, please follow the instructions given on the packaging carefully.

The hand of designer Giulio Iacchetti has also created a different version of Artichocke, but based on the same artistic logic: it is Spigato wallpaper in which, instead of artichokes, the infinite sequence is realized through stylized spikes. The colors available for this different version are many, and vary both in the background and in the shades of the ears: green and yellow, blue and straw, grey and cream, grey and green and moss and straw are the colors available, but it would not be surprising if the versatile designer was able to create combinations always new, refined and elegant. Still for Italian Design by Jannelli&Volpi, LOVEThESIGN suggests Iride wallpaper by designer Diego Grandi. It is a wallpaper characterized by geometric lines that create three-dimensional shapes, which guarantee a particular effect of depth. The three-dimensional effect is accentuated by the material used to make this wallpaper, a silk on non-woven fabric that ensures brightness, elegance and uniqueness. This particular wallpaper can be used in children's bedrooms, choosing solutions with simpler and less intense colours, as well as in all the other rooms, ensuring a particular tile effect. And in the other rooms it can be more appreciated in modern and very bright settings that allow the iridescence of silk to be fully visible. The presence of silk also guarantees a high resistance and durability over time, as long as you make sure the correct cleaning procedure is followed, as described in the instructions in the packaging. As for the methods of attaching wallpaper, however, they are simple and quick, but it should be stressed that this type of paper should only be used on smooth walls.

For the type of glue to be used and for the instructions on how to apply it, simply follow the instructions on the paper packaging. A nice solution for children who love ancient history can be the Egyptian wallpaper, designed by designer Italo Lupi, always for the brand Jannelli&Volpi. Modern and ancient characters alternate on this wallpaper with deliberately discoloured tones that recall the style of papyrus. As it is made, this non-woven wallpaper can be perfect for decorating small sections of a studio room, living room or entire rooms whether very large or not. Like all the best wallpapers proposed by Jannelli&Volpi, Egyptian is washable and easy to apply to the wall following the instructions on the packaging. Finally, LOVEThESIGN suggests another wallpaper made for Jannelli&Volpi and certainly very much appreciated by small scientists: the DNA Floral wallpaper. Designed by Matteo Ragni, this wallpaper reproduces the famous double helix of DNA in a particular version, that is made up of small flowers and stems. Available in different colour versions, this particular wallpaper can be used, depending on the shades chosen, in different contexts: from a girl's bedroom to the kitchen, from a modern living area to the classic lounge. LOVEThESIGN always offers a wide choice of wallpaper models.