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Zeitgeist (foreword)

Your day begins with the blue light of a screen and your favourite song gradually filling your bedroom. Your phone tells you how many hours you’ve slept and how rested you are. Your watch counts your heartbeats per minute. Good morning.

You have breakfast while you read your messages and the latest news, and you calculate how long it’ll take to get to work while you’re cleaning your teeth: you know the route to your next appointment and the state of the traffic, and at least two alternative routes. You’re off.

You check your email in real time, and try every possible tool that claims to make you more efficient. Then you organise your work into meticulous tables: owner, details, deadline. You count the steps you take during your lunch break and the minutes you run at the gym. You know how many calories are in your five meals.

You synchronise leaving the office with the tram times, and before reading an article you know it’s going to take you two minutes exactly. In the metro you find a seat, and your ebook reminds you that at this rate you’ll finish your book in three and a half hours.

In bed at night, you compare your sleep and activity statistics with last week’s: up four percent - you’re pleased. You turn off your LED lamp and programme the home automation for optimum waking. Goodnight.

You measure everything and leave nothing to chance. Your life every day is your best performance ever. Quality, analysis, rhythm and control: PIANOPRIMO is the spirit of the age.

Pianoprimo (kick-off)

An Italian magazine about design and culture, and the culture of design.

This is not a magazine.

Pianoprimo is an expression of Italian love for design and culture, for history and the future. It’s a look through a window, a way of telling a story that has an intention and an angle, but no boundaries.

Our digital revolution.

Too ambitious? Perhaps. But when every last division between e-commerce and magazine has definitively vanished from the web, you’ll look back at Pianoprimo and our revolution. Because this is the way forward.

Inspired by design.

A step ahead: isn’t this what makes the best designers’ creations stand out from the crowd? Pianoprimo is conceived to be a step ahead, without leaving anyone behind. A new way of exploring, discovering, inspiring.

The Spirit of the Age.

Pianoprimo is like you: focused on time, measuring everything. It’s always connected: by smartphone, tablet and computer. It’s multilingual: English, Italian and French. And it refuses to compromise on quality, whether it’s three minutes’ wait or three days of relaxation.

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