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5 Beautiful Foods for Instagram
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5 Beautiful Foods for Instagram

Admit it: eating is awesome. This is one of the few irrefutable axioms of life.

Today, however, flavors are not enough.

Instagram rules and thus we look for food that's both good and beautiful to fill up our feeds. 

credit: Jenna Daycredits: Jenna Day

Culinary trends that stem in the States quickly spread: from avocado burger to dumplings, you are spoiled for choice.

I have chosen 5 foods that all share a common denominator: they are fresh, invigorating and colorful. Ready to feed the feed?

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1. Bubble Tea

In the beginning there was Ferran Adrià: the Spanish chef, pioneer of molecular cuisine, was the first one to play with the spherification of food. His experiments have taken a fantastic drift and has changed kitchen forever: the Bubble Tea is but one of the results.

Colorful, fresh and great to sip on summertime afternoons, the Bubble Tea was invented in Taiwan in the late 80's but happily rediscovered in 2018. Made from black tea, milk and tapioca pearls, it can be served in many flavors and colors.

Type #bubbletea on Instagram to enjoy absolute visual pleasure.

credit: omnivorescookbook.comcredits:

2. Poké bowl

Poké bowls are certainly one of the most inviting food trends that exploded last year.

A Hawaiian traditional dish, the Poké has quickly crossed the oceans to spread like wildfire all over the world thanks to its irresistible mix of goodness, exceptional organoleptic properties and inviting looks.

And it is really beautiful indeed: a bowl filled with rice, vegetables and leaves, edamame, peanuts, red cabbage, avocado, carrots and what have you, complemented by a rich portion of raw fish such as tuna, salmon, octopus or marinated shrimp in soy sauce. 

Fruiticana Dinner Set
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The Rice Beyond Basic saucepan

3. Rainbow flavored ice cream cone

If, like me, you are in your 30s, you must know blue ice cream!

Its natural evolution of modern times is undoubtedly the rainbow version, renamed Rainbow or Unicorn by those who like to follow trends. Hypnotic and very colorful, it is also very tasty.

credit: gogogogourmet.comcredit:

4. Donuts and macaron

Take the elegance of LaDurée, the legendary Parisian pastry shop, and the gluttony of Homer Simpson, blend them together and you'll have one of the newest and most unlikely trends in circulation.

Donuts are the guilty pleasure par excellence, which over the years has had a thousand and one evolutions - such as the cronut, the donut prepared with the dough of the croissant created by the New York pastry chef Dominique Ansel. Macarons are the same, but for more refined palates.

Their common evolution has the shape of mini-donuts: fluorescent icing, sugar sprinkles and the usual, wonderful melting consistency of the macaron.

5. Unicorn Acai Bowls

If you won't settle for a single trend and you want them all together in a single food, Unicorn Bowls are what you're after. Does it seem too psychedelic and unhealthy? Well, I'll tell you a secret: its thousand colors are derived from natural preparations.

credit: Brenda Godinezcredits: Brenda Godinez

The pink shade is extracted from the red beet, the blue from the spirulina. The base is a smoothie made from milk or vegetable yogurt plus creamy fruit like banana, mango or passion fruit, and superfood powders such as açai, for example.

Then fresh fruit, granola, ginger, chia seeds, edible glitter, stars, shells, and all that passes through your head.

Yes I know, you would spend hours looking at these bowls: do not forget that you can also eat them.

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