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4 Brilliant Small Kitchen Design Ideas
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4 Brilliant Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Who said that a perfectly functional kitchen must be wide and spacious? Sometimes, less is more. You just need to follow these simple tricks to make the most of your space.

Flippable tables and folding chairs: a comfortable and functional solution

To recover all the space needed, folding chairs and flippable or folding tables are an excellent solution. There are several models on the market, but for a completely customized solution it will be enough to turn to a good craftsman.

4 Robert folding chairs
Stanley director chair
2 Vegas folding chairs
Logico table 89x89 cm
Treee Bar folding table - Walnut
Diana cake stand 26X8

Suspended and revolving wall units 

Minimize your clutter and maximize your square footage to squeeze in extra storage by exploiting the corners too, with a selection of wall units. 

If you're low on drawer space, hang your utensils on a rack above the stuff.

And, last but not least, add some greenery by using an empty wall for a vertical garden: your space will instantly feel more peaceful.

Wall shelf Halfmoon L 16
Cantinetta wall shelf
String Pocket Floating Shelves

Light colours for a modern kitchen

Choose light shades to make the environment feel much brighter. 

Even mirrored glass on cabinet doors instantly enlarges a small kitchen!

Jason Briscoe - UnsplashJason Briscoe - Unsplash

Lighting in the kitchen: the detail that can make the difference

Well-studied lighting solutions can profoundly change the décor of a small kitchen. You can play around with light fixtures or search for the perfect one to serve as the focal point. wall lights with arms are very functional, while a string of lights is perfect for a romantic and retro look. 

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