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How to Organize Your Kitchen for Healthy Eating
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How to Organize Your Kitchen for Healthy Eating

A healthy and sustainable nutrition starts at the supermarket, where you should never go with an empty stomach so that you’ll only fill your cart with ‘green light foods’.

You then go home and your kitchen has to sustain your good intentions. How? You just need to follow 4 simple rules.

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1. How to stock your foods

According to recent studies, many common plastics could put female fertility at risk. They contain phthalates and bisphenol-A, considered endocrine disruptors.

That’s why you should use glass, bamboo or metal containers instead, and buy disposable boxes in wood or compostable materials. You should also remove purchased food from its packaging as soon as possible and place it in your own tupperware boxes.

Don’t tell me you still have teflon pots and pans: don’t you know they’re dangerous for your health?

2. Keep healthy food handy

Buy yourself a variety of small cans to compose a beautiful wall of spices and aromatic herbs. The use of flavorings is widely recommended not only for their specific properties but also to reduce salt intake, the main ally of water retention (a.k.a. cellulitis) and high blood pressure.

You should also keep a - strategic - selection of food within reach: when you’re hungry you tend to grab the first thing available!

If you hide your junk food at the bottom of the drawers and leave only the healthiest foods in the forefront, guess what you will most likely eat?

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3. When should you eat your fruit

For the same principle, fill your table with fresh fruits! And prepare yourself a variety of tasty infusions, juices and extracts with fruit and veggies.

I promise: juices and smoothies will make you forget about sodas. You will feel like a real food blogger, but much smarter.

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4. To live healthy you need more than simple healthy food

Stress causes emotional eating and you don’t only stress at work. Even a messy or cluttered space can have you feel frustrated.

Did you know, for example, that according to Feng Shui, the kitchen must be facing the South, the pole of wisdom, good physical shape, health and wealth? Think about it, if you can still choose.

Order and simplicity are the foundations of Zen. May I add that having a green thumb helps, too? A research conducted by the University of Georgia a few years ago shows that some plants have the ability to eliminate VOCs, organic compounds responsible for allergies and chronic disorders. Today, thanks to domestic hydroponic systems or smart micro-crops, you can grow a zero-kilometer vegetable garden between the refrigerator and the sink and keep it under control with an app.

You will then have to detoxify yourself with orchids: they neutralize computer and mobile phones radiation. And by the way, remember that in the kitchen you should eat and cook, better if in good company. Do not start browsing your Instagram of Facebook feed for hours: create a comfortable haven for these purposes in another room.

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