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The Unique Benefits of Eating Colorful Foods
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The Unique Benefits of Eating Colorful Foods

Colorful fruits and vegetables are as nutritious as they are delicious. You shouldn’t eat monochromatic: like a rainbow, your diet should include a bright variety of colors. 

Dieting shouldn't rhyme with suffering. Think of the color diet: each color class offers its own unique set of phytochemicals. Eating a variety of greens and berries can supply the body with over 20,000 different phytochemicals

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What should you eat for breakfast? 

Feeling slow in the mornings? Chromotherapy helps you feel better: brown is the real protagonist with wholemeal toast, honey and coffee.

credits: Nathan Dumlao via unsplashcredits: Nathan Dumlao via unsplash

A red apple a day keeps the doctor away 

Fruit is rich in alkalizing elements. According to a research by the European Institute of Oncology, red fruit, in particular, are high in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin. 

So make sure you eat plenty of apples, berries and grapes along with tomatoes.

Green for detox

Green foods, on the other hand, like spinach, kale and zucchini, offer a high level of heart-loving potassium. Starting your lunch with a salad or spinach helps create a barrier to the toxins of the most harmful foods and stimulates the liver to work better: a real detox effect!

credtis: dose juice via unsplashcredtis: dose juice via unsplash

Orange juice in the morning to feel energized

The colors associated with a fast supply of energy are yellow and orange of the orange juice: so make sure you add some pineapple or orange juice to your breakfast menu!

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Purple veggies and blue fruit are antioxidant nutrients

All blue and purple vegetables such as cabbage (but also blueberries!) are rich in anthocyanins and flavonoids, which protect the body from oxidation waste.

Oily fish, a tasty choice

Try to eat more fish than cheese, so as to favor the right amount of omega 3. In this sense, oily fish, such as sardines, cod as well as mackerel and salmon are perfect. 

credits: Christine Siracusa via Unsplashcredits: Christine Siracusa via Unsplash

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