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Top 3 design trends from 2019 Milan's Design Week
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Top 3 design trends from 2019 Milan's Design Week

There is no better event than the Milan Design Week to hunt for the latest design trends. Let's discover together the season's musts at the conclusion of the Milan Design Week which, like every year, was full of ideas to enrich the decor of our homes.

There are three trends that we immediately noticed: no to minimalism, yes to colours and geometries; floral decorations; the predominant colours are blue, green and warm earth tones.

A triumph of colours to fill up your house with joy

2019 is certainly not the year of minimalism and black-and-white monochrome. The latest fashion design leads us to dare and touch, focusing on warm and intense shades. Actually colours capture the attention and have the power to put us in a good mood, so why shouldn't we fill our house with joy?

The Missoni exhibition at the Milan Design Week amply demonstrated it, creating a fairy-tale house entirely made of crochet. This magical creation has been entrusted by Angela Missoni to the designer Alessandra Roveda, who wove colourful threads of wool to make her Home Sweet Home the warmest and most welcoming place in the world.

As for the colours, the must-haves of the season are blue, green and warm earthy tones, ranging from ocher and mustard yellow to orange-red. The categorical imperative is to create warm and welcoming rooms, in contrast with the cooler living rooms of a few years ago, dominated by soft and neutral colours.

Rodolfo Outdoor modular simple seat FUORI PRODUZIONE
Set of 2 Tribeca outdoor armchairs
Aventura double hammock with Canoa stand

Bauhaus style design

The sober, monochromatic and mono-material environments are banned. Space for Bauhaus style design, characterized by clear geometries, extreme features and contrasting primary colours placed side by side to create spaces of strong impact.

Adam table - white laminate top
Pendant Lori H 47
Joy 5-shelf bookcase

Floral and faunal decorations

Floral decorations give a further touch of joy and elegance to our homes, yet another reminder of the warm welcome of the Earth. Petals, leaves, flowers, butterflies, birds and woodland creatures stood out on wallpapers, seat coverings, sofas, tables and furnishing objects. Just think of the temporary store opened by Gucci and dedicated to its Décor line: a jubilation of butterflies, owls and floral motifs.

Gucci DécorGucci Décor -

Louis Vuitton went beyond, presenting in its Objets Nomades exhibition a glass dining table in the shape of an anemone, created by Atelier Biagetti, and the Bulbo armchair, inspired by tropical flowers and designed by the Brazilian brothers Humberto and Fernando Campana.

The designers themselves modeled an object that is a refuge-architecture, the pop version of a bergère in which to wrap yourself protected by soft petals, in addition to the Bomboca fluorescent yellow sofa-puzzle and the Cocoon suspended chair, characterized by the colours of a paradise bird.

Louis Vuitton, Objets NomadesLouis Vuitton, Objets Nomades -
Cover: The Stylesmiths Project, Matlock Residence, @ foto Nicole England via Yatzer
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