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A Yoyoista Christmas: gifts for vain friends
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A Yoyoista Christmas: gifts for vain friends

Cruziana round mirror
Prego mirror
Cruziana oval mirror

Whenever you meet her and say hello to her, she, as if she didn't even hear your voice, replies with a can you believe what happened to me?

And then she starts telling you one of those long, complicated stories you sometimes complain about, but which, in the end, you love listening to and that entertain yourself.

What will you give her for Christmas this year?

Balsabox personal box
Marilyn Kokeshi Doll
Lipsticks mirror 30x40 cm
Essential Face oil kit
Handsome Hands manicure kit
Radiant Skin Kit
Reindeer ring holder copper
Speaker and pocket emptier Arina Geo - white
Smokey Fish cosy candle

With him everything becomes an elegy.

He is the friend who knows how to make his life seem like an opera, a sad drama or a hilarious comedy.

He's your long-time buddy, a bit self-centered and sometimes vain-with whom you always have fun.

What will you give him for Christmas this year?

Home Organiser volume 1
Verso table lamp
I Love You mug

Tray Chique wine box and serving tray
Karl Kokeshi Doll
Winelight wine box and table light
Sneakers Print
Moustache grooming kit
Berlin Boombox Bluetooth Speaker
Deluxe shaving kit
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