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Making a table
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Making a table

The story goes that Italo Calvino had three, while Raymond Carver made do with the kitchen table.

A child might draw a table in two dimensions showing only the two front legs, whereas a designer might make an elegant steel frame, such as Citterio for Kartell.

Whether it's full of documents or laid with great care for entertaining friends or discussing the latest project: a table can – literally – support a conversation, lunch, a game or a deal.

Tables are a material pretext.

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Sovet ItaliaSovet Italia
C44 Table by Hay DesignC44 Table by Hay Design

Glossy round table
Nido console
Oscar desk
Journal desk
Woody round table Diam. 90 cm
Xira desk
Greeny table
Tavolo con Ruote coffee table
Orione table

Work table

On Umberto Eco’s table there would have been a Pritt Stick and a magnifying glass, precious medals and a mousepad with the picture of a smiling baby seal.

Besides two computers, two telephones and two pairs of glasses.

The table used by the writer and the artist is just as important as his work. Not only because said work rests on it, but more importantly because it’s where a thinker gathers his thoughts together, both physically and metaphorically.

A piece of paper (and the table) acts as a mirror for a rendezvous: sending back an image of both parties and of the table itself.
Umberto Eco alla scrivaniaUmberto Eco at his desk

Bringing something to the table

A film with a theatrical flavour: 12 Angry Men (1957) is set for the most part in a single room with the same actors sitting at the same tables, of course.

A jury formed by twelve people has to decide whether a young man, accused of killing his father, is guilty or not, but doubt is thrown by the juror n.8 on the apparently unanimous verdict of guilty, and a lively discussion follows.

To express their disagreement, one by one the jurors leave the table without uttering a word, turning their backs on each other as they cannot leave the room. Ashtrays gradually fill up and notes become less precise.

The table is the place where reasoning comes into its own, by means of just two of its tactics: dialogue and debate.
12 Angry Men12 Angry Men
Arki table - Oak
Slim rectangular table 200 x 90
Banc extendable table
Sol extendable table L 125-170 cm
Teatro table
Four table L 190 cm

A table for two - at least

In Jim Jarmush's Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) however, the dialogue is complicated and repeatedly interrupted.

Those who take part don’t just share, as the title might suggest, a passion for coffee and cigarettes, but the title underlines the importance of the table. Sitting around the table (eleven of them), the characters shown for the most part as couples, talk and misunderstand each other, sketch after sketch.

It’s not a coincidence that a side table is the focal point of the discussion: a game with two distinct rules is being played. Here we are called to witness the exasperated dualism of perfection, in in which words are blunt weapons, appearing almost ridiculous in their lack of purchase.

I tavolini di Coffee and CigarettesCoffee and Cigarettes
What does your table say about you?

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Yeh side table
Gleam 50 brown coffee table with black base
Siderietto side table
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