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5 Must Have to Decorate Your Country House
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5 Must Have to Decorate Your Country House

The country house is that shelter far from everything and everyone where you can switch off your smartphone and PC and finally relax after a long week at work. The typical style of country houses is completely different from the urban style. It must give that sensation of warmth and cosiness that often lacks in city houses due to their typical minimalist and aseptic furniture.

What is that we absolutely need in our country shelter?

1 - Wood, Copper, Stone

A coffee table recovered from grandma's home in the living room; a trunk in the bedroom; a chest in the entrance hall; an old sideboard; pans hung on the wall in the kitchen; wickery chairs and tables in the porch; a handmade magazine rack next to the sofa; terracotta crockery on the table. Simplicity and tradition: here are the key words for the decoration of the country house.

Nanny rocking chair
Giardino Orte set

2 - A Rocking Chair

During the long days spent in the office, one of the most recurring wish is a soft armchair or couch on which to lie down and laze. When you are on holiday, and especially in the countryside, your dream can (and must!) finally come true. No doubts that the relax area must include a rocking chair to spend some time reading a good book, listening to some music or chatting with friends. It can be placed anywhere: in the living room, in the bedroom, on the terrace or in the is up to you!

3 - Plants, Animals, Fruit

Fields as far as the eye can see, luxuriant plants, flowers we haven't even heard about, eggs offered by our kind neighbour, fruit, animals and yes... unfortunately insects too! Countryside means nature - that unknown thing, so far from city life! It is beautiful then to decorate the garden so as to spend there as much time as possible: one table placed in the shade under a tree to enjoy long summer meals, a beach chair to get a tan, a hammock between two trees to take a nap, a grill for the endless barbecue with our friends.

Arles table mat
Maria leaf/divider
Iron Mat doormat

4 - Clean your Shoes Before Coming In!

Life in contact with nature is amazing, that's for sure. But the house is soon filled with soil, mud and dust! How to avoid it? A doormat to clean our shoes before getting in. When we say doormat we don't have to think to an old, drab, ruined thing. Today doormat is a super trendy item. You can choose between countless shapes, sizes and colours: square, rectangular or round; in the shapes of animals, moustaches, pink, red, blue and so on...

Credits: Annie Spratt

5 - Grandma's Pie

What's better than waking up in the morning and enjoying a nice breakfast in the porch, savouring a piece of homemade cake? Possibly a tarte tatin with apple from the garden or a fruit tart. A beautiful red and white tablecloth, white porcelain serving stands, colourful cups, jam, rustic bread, fruit juices... everything we need to enjoy a wonderful breakfast and a wonderful day!

Alieno chair
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