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Home Accessories

What is it that gives character to a home? It's all the tiny details that tell your story, speak about your passions and memories, embody your style. Let your spaces speak about you through many small things as pretty as they are useful.
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Home Accessories

No home can be deemed complete without the proper selection of accessories. Think of an empty room, airy and bright - no matter its wall colour or floor type. Start filling up this space by mentally placing the furniture you'd like to see. If you are thinking of a living room, you could start by finding the right position for a comfortable sofa, a table with chairs, a tall bookcase that reaches the ceiling, or, why not, a sophisticated chaise longue.

Now look at this room - can you feel what is missing? Wouldn't it look much prettier with a nice print on the wall by the sofa or many photo frames on the side table? Wouldn't it feel much cosier and welcoming with a few candles scattered around on the floor? What if shelves filled up with souvenirs, bookends, little sculptures and decorations? Wouldn't this room be much more of a reflection of you and your style?

Beauty is in the Small Details

You need small details to add character and personality to your decor. Details speak about you and your passions, about your hobbies and your memories. They embody your style. Their skilled combination manages to turn a dull space into a sophisticated, thought out room. As pleasant to the eye as functional for everyday use, home accessories add elegance, style and practicality to every room of your home - from bathroom to kitchen, from living room to bedroom, from outdoor areas to the kids' room. In any space, small objects of daily use can turn into miniature sculptures worth showing off.

An old utensil holder in your kitchen, for instance, could well be replaced with a new, prettier one just as functional. Why not placing a trinket tray by the main door, in order to keep your essentials always tidy and at hand while adding an elegant touch at the same time? Who said simple objects such as pencil sharpeners, cushions or bins can't be fine designer objects? Whether you like a refined, classic style or prefer something quirkier and funnier, at LOVEThESIGN you will find a wide offer of home accessories ready to satisfy any fancy.

Soft cushions or innovative wall stickers can revolutionise the look of a whole room in a matter of seconds. Use candles of many shapes and colours, prints, vases, baskets, globes, jewellery boxes, clocks, organisers, photo frames, chalkboards and many more items to change the face of your rooms. Versatile and practical, these accessories blend style and functionality.

Exclusive makers designed them - among these, Alessi, Normann Copenhagen, Seletti, Danese Milano, Iittala, Moustache, Monkey Business, Pianoprimo. Here you will find designer icons of the leading design makers and works of young emerging talents alike. Mix and match these items to create your own unique style! LOVEThESIGN's gallery isn't limited to accessories for your living areas.

Here you can also find many ideas to decorate your work areas at home or in the office - frames, magnetic boards, paper knives, pen pots, trinket trays and many other items ready to give your company the style you want.

Our selection includes a wide array of boxes, organisers and file folders, ready to make every day easier at work or at home, even in the smallest spaces. It takes the right accessories to turn your work desk into a pleasant, original place liable to stimulate your creativity. Whatever your style and personality, here you will find plenty of accessories to enrich the mood of your home in the way that suits you the best. Even the most classic spaces need a pinch of boldness!