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Marta: the tale of the frolicking Christmas
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Marta: the tale of the frolicking Christmas

Come Christmas, the nice and caring steal the show more than any other day, because this holiday is about hope.

Just a few days from the end of the year, we take care of each other this day more than the rest, reminding each other rather implicitly that we aren’t alone and that the new year will be better than the rest.

Marta is really looking forward to Christmas. Her sweet and caring personality is enough in itself to headline the festivities


Excuse me, have you seen my socks? Any idea where my favourite sweater is? Marta, Maaarta!
Betta of Lovethesign

Overheard at LOVEThESIGN. When in doubt, ask Marta, she knows best. Excluding socks and matching pieces, Marta knows everything about the products. As a matter of fact, she’s the one who is in charge of the product database. Each new object loaded on the site is her creation, a new pet answering the market’s demand until she sets it free for new, loving owners in your homes.

For Marta, everything is sweet and frolicking, a word she tends to use to describe the staples of her life. This year for Christmas she’ll be in Rio de Janeiro with some friends and colleagues. But before hopping on the flight she’s going to make sure that everyone receives the right care and attention.


1 • Marta, in the series #intheofficewithluca you always looked pristine, and this was just at work! How do you get ready for an important holiday like Christmas?
Pristine? You flatter me… I’m just someone who pays attention to detail. It’s my life’s philosophy: attention to the small things, in addition to good karma, are notions of care and affection towards others.
This time of year is when I decorate the house so that everyone feels at ease and enjoys the magic of being together.

Cuore White Wreathe

2 • It’s not easy to give yourself the perfect gift when all you do is think about everyone else!
That’s where you’re wrong! People who know me get that flowers are one of my passions, so anything I can use in the growing or displaying phases or even just a bouquet of 100 roses will make me happy ????
Or keeping things in order, like I do with my beloved design products every day on this site, finding a place for everything and keeping everything under control. They call me a health freak, so anything along those lines will really win me over, don’t you think?

3 • We know that you’ve got quite the secret admirer, we saw it in the #intheofficewithluca series. Are you expecting a present from him?
He’s already given me one, remember the bouquet of tulips anonymously delivered to the office? How thoughtful… I was promised a candlelit dinner, he’s quite the romantic.

4 • What presents will you give your loved ones?
I’m sure you won’t have difficulty believing that I’ve already got a detailed list for loved ones. My best friend, for example, is a whiz in the kitchen, working a lot without recipes and playing it by ear. Well that’s about to change with my super special cookbook gift.
My brother, however, is working around the clock on his university thesis. I’m thinking about a lamp-icon that not only will help in his challenging race to the finish line but will also be a perfect gift for his upcoming graduation as something that will remain forever.

5 • Are you also considering a gift for your secret admirer?
Absolutely, he’s been so frolicking… I mean, sweet, that it would be impolite not to. Without giving too much away, I’ll be sure to get a smile out of him.

Rose dinner plate
Fiori vase
Idro watering can
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