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Smartphones on the pillow: from apps for sleeping to smartlight alarm clocks
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Smartphones on the pillow: from apps for sleeping to smartlight alarm clocks

The first rule in hi-tech is: the bedroom is off-limits. Whether you want to avoid answering your work emails, especially if your client lives on the other side of the planet, or you want to move away from the radio waves of your Wi-Fi, everybody seems to agree that the aeroplane mode is your ally after nine pm. Yes, you’ve heard that correctly.

Might it be for this reason that Netflix has introduced the offline mode?

In 2017 however, high-technology seems to have made a come back in the bedroom, or at least this is what is claimed by all the articles that have been published after the 1st January.

And if you’re one of those people who worry that letting high-technology back in the bedroom will increase insomnia, you’ll be happy to know that high-technology is here to help you sleep better.

Speaker Helsinky by VifaSpeaker Helsinky by Vifa

Oslo Bluetooth Speaker
Hoop Bluetooth speaker
Hibi radio
Speaker and pocket emptier Arina Felt - dark grey
Tykho speaker

Monitoring your sleep: Fitbit and vibrating pillows

It doesn’t sound appealing, I know, but the vibrating pillow appears to be a great answer to your sleepless nights, for adults and kids alike.

Choose the setting that seems to be right for you: a light vibration will remind you to switch position, avoiding thus aches and pains, a sharper vibration is perfect if you suffer from sleep apnea or you tend to snore. Set the right mode and enjoy the benefits!

In this regard, you can stop removing your Fitbit or Apple Watch before going to bed. Thanks to the latest integrated features, these smartwatches can now monitor and distinguish between light sleep, deep sleep and REM. In this way, when neither the herbal tea nor the lavender spray are of any help, you can refer to the guidelines these companies have developed to help you improve the quality of your sleep.

Have you ever thought of getting a smartlight?

It was great when the most technologically advanced thing in your bedroom was a night light to avoid having nightmares, the version with suffused lighting that could be plugged directly in the socket, and was colourful too.

Nowadays, bedside lamps are more than mere lights. You can set them to switch off, so finally you can go to sleep after having read just a couple of pages of your book without feeling remorse. Some styles have integrated wireless speakers so you can register for Spotify’s Sleep playlist (which has almost two million followers), a feature that progressively increases the lamp’s brightness as the morning approaches so you can wake up gently – and provides a powerful alarm clock, of course.

Terrace by LexonTerrace by Lexon
Good Night Sleep kit
Terrace Speaker - Lamp - Powerbank
Reset & Restore Pamper Kit
Royal table lamp
Bluetooth Uma lamp

XXI century clock radios

Some programmer has decided that in the morning you’ll have enough strength to pronounce the words OK Google, snooze the alarm, which will put your alarm clock back by ten minutes. Will the voice recognition software work even if you’re lying face down on your pillow? I don’t think so.

This is why clock radios will never disappear; this is especially true for those people who believe that their bedrooms should be smartphone-free zones but need to wake up at the same time each morning. They merely evolve and conform to the times we live in, integrating features like Wi-Fi or an LCD screen. And they’re beautiful to look at too.

If you’re a deep sleeper, you’d better switch to a clock-radio which is integrated into a carpet, and switches off only if you step on it with both feet. You’ve managed to get out of bed by now: you might as well start your day.

Radiosveglie by Tivoli AudioRadiosveglie by Tivoli Audio

Make technology part of your routine

In the end, the best way is to stand your own ground against a high-tech market that never sleeps, and to integrate it in a clever way into your daily routine.

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What happens when our screens stop protecting us: the technology trap and practising mindfulness.

You can’t do without knowing what’s happened around the world while you were sleeping or knowing which record albums have been launched in the last twenty-four hours? Don’t check your feed with sleepy eyes from under the covers: get up right away and have a morning shower, taking a waterproof speaker with you. And your shower gel, of course.

Speaker by LexonSpeaker by Lexon
Model One Radio FM / AM
Tykho Bluetooth speaker
Titanium Bamboo radio alarm
Pal BT Wireless Bluetooth radio / FM /AM
Model Three BT Radio alarm Bluetooth / FM / AM
Inout Alarm
Model One Digital Radio FM/DAB/ Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
Flip alarm clock
Tykho radio
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