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Here's how to pack the perfect suitcase
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Here's how to pack the perfect suitcase

The first time you packed your own suitcase you have brought anything with yourself, including the stuffed toy your first boyfriend gave you for your birthday.

When you turned twenty, finally, you learned to leave the superfluous at home. Unfortunately, however, you started to pack twenty different outfits to choose from depending on your mood, not to mention clothing to cope with any weather conditions - even if you were leaving for Ibiza.

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Now that you're in your 30s, perhaps, it is appropriate to understand how to optimize your luggage so as not to regret as soon as you set foot at the airport.

The plane ticket gets more and more expensive, the hand luggage smaller and packing is a nightmare. I know it well.

You're not alone: everyone gets anxious when it comes to holiday packing. Whether you are a minimalist junkie who starts packing the week before leaving or the anxious guy that avoids packing until the end, the suitcase is a critical point. But I discovered 5 easy steps to get around the problem.

1. The holiday packing list

The only way to keep everything under control is by making a well-reasoned list of what you will really need for the specific journey you are about to make. Pills? A sleeping bag? A hat to protect yourself from the sun?

Furthermore, making a list will help you have an overall view of your baggage. So, maybe, you will not find yourself with 50 t-shirts and one pair of trousers, the classic mistake for those who pack without planning - I speak for direct experience.

credit: Anete Lusinacredits: Anete Lusina

2. What to pack? Less is more

Once you have made the list, it's time to put every single piece of clothing on the bed and make a selection. 

Try to leave only the indispensable. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No. You can travel for a whole month bringing with you only five T-shirts and two pairs of pants.

Here's another trick: you can also pack worn out items that you won't use for much longer, so you can give them to someone who may need them.

You will make someone happy - and you will have much more space for souvenirs.

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3. Go neutral

It would be nice to show off that flowered shirt you've bought on sale, and also that colorful, optical African wax skirt.

Printed or bright colored clothes, however, are difficult to match - unless you feel like Iris Apfel.

And, after all, what does it matter to feel well dressed when you're already living a wonderful experience? (Repeat it yourself a couple of times to convince yourself) Better aim for neutral colors like black, brown, beige and gray, that are much easier to mach!

4. How to reduce the weight of your hand baggage

Who said that, for a week at the beach, you need an entire bottle of shampoo? For every thing you will pack, there is at least a space saving alternative on the market, starting from the mini packs of personal hygiene products and ending up with the ultra-light travel towels.

So reduce the volume and weight of your hand baggage, start packing light!

credit: Agnieszka Boeskecredit: Agnieszka Boeske

5. How to fold clothes in a suitcase

On YouTube you can find plenty of videos that will teach you how to fold clothes or put two pairs of shoes inside four pair of pants.

The important thing is to follow the fifth, last, precious advice: interlocking.

Start packing with the most bulky items in your suitcase, then gradually add the smaller ones, such as T-shirts and scarves. Then fill up the space with socks, for example.

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