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5 Easy Ways to Stage Your Home on a Budget
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5 Easy Ways to Stage Your Home on a Budget

When you look at houses photo shoots online or on a magazine, you always notice the perfect balance between everyday elements and well-studied details.

If you were to list the characteristics of your ideal home, it would be cozy, personal and harmonious: this is how it will become thanks to this simple guide to staging.

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1. Decluttering like Marie Kondo

Take a good look around: what do you like to see every day and what makes you look upset? You do not have to get rid of everything, just choose which objects you want keep in sight and which ones you should hide in the closet.

Think carefully: some things may be aesthetically unappealing but you are going to need them handy everyday. A good compromise? Make them more beautiful thanks to a designer storage rack!

2. Memories of your family home

Learn to mix your souvenirs - gymnastics trophies, your children's drawings or grandparents' vintage photos on holiday - with accent pieces like movie posters and designer icons.

The secret to a home that really says something about you is in the balance between your story and your personal taste.

3. A natural touch

If you notice, there is always something that has been left - intentionally - out of place in photo shoots, like a plaid softly resting on the sofa, ready to warm you up in the evening.

credit: sinistra, destra Home by Ferm Livingcredits: on the left, on the right Home by Ferm Living

Do not be afraid to leave your tablecloth on the dining table (unless it's dirty) or the helmet at the entrance: you should never feel your home empty, but lived in. 

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4. It's all in the details

What really catches your eyes, however, is that unexpected detail that makes the whole perfect.

Have you ever thought, for example, of decorating your bathroom with an artistic print or the enlargement of a photograph you took? Or to fill the fireplace with all those books you've never started to read?

In the kitchen do not limit yourself to recipe books: if you are into Asian food, for example, you can add a guide to Japan and a precious edition of your favorite Mishima novel.

5. How to match colors

When it comes to interiors, the power of a coherent and well-studied color palette is what really makes the difference. Not only with regard to large surfaces such as the walls or the sofa upholstery, but especially for all those little details - from the cushions to the pictures in the living room, from cups to towels in the kitchen - that complement each other.

With the right colors, you can create and above all communicate a precise atmosphere, building the identity of your home.

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