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Elvang's mission is to combine the best of two worlds: the finest fibres from the Peruvian Alpaca and a contemporary Scandinavian design. Elvang is the name behind luxurious textiles which are made with integrity and pride. An ethical approach is at the heart of all this brand's products.
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Elvang's mission is to combine the best of two worlds - the finest fibres from the Peruvian Alpaca and a contemporary Scandinavian design. Elvang is the name behind luxurious textiles which are made with integrity and pride. An ethical approach is at the heart of all this brand's products.

Elvang is a luxury brand that combines the use of fine Alpaca wool with Scandinavian chic design. The guiding principles of Elvang are to enrich homes with high-quality pieces of furniture and at the same time to contribute in respecting people, environment and the whole planet.

The history of the brand
Tina and Lasse Elvang founded their eponymous company in 2003, after a backpack journey through Peru, during which they discovered the Alpaca fabric sold in local markets. When visiting foreign countries and experiencing different cultures you can better understand their problems and resources: Tina and Lasse Elvang were fascinated by Peru, its people and the beauty of the alpaca, but at the same time they noticed the extreme poverty in which the Peruvian people lived. These two elements have been like a spring that gave birth to the idea: taking advantage of the wonder of a single fabric and at the same time helping local people to find a better way of living. The alpaca is an unusual animal that has played a key role in the Peruvian culture and in the economy of the country. Sensing the unparalleled softness, lightness, elegance and warmth of this wool, the couple realized right away that they had discovered something spectacular on which to invest. There was nothing like it in Denmark. In January 2004, Lasse and Tina decided to rent a small booth at the world's largest textile fair: the Heimtextil of Frankfurt. On that occasion they presented their first collection concluding several contracts and obtaining orders from several countries, including the United States, Germany and Italy. After that first show, in a very short time, the brand began to be known all around the world. In just more then ten years the brand has reached an international success and now it is distributed in over 25 countries worldwide. The decision to maintain the operational basis for the production of manufactured goods in Peru is aimed at stimulating the economy of the country and at using local resources that are characterized by the use of ancient techniques of skilled Peruvian artisans. Lasse and Tina Elvang want to be sure that the wool imported from Peru is both ethical and sustainable. It's important to them to have direct contacts with the farmers in order to make sure they are paid fairly and that the work done by artisans is respected at every stage. For these reasons, Elvang Denmark has been recognized for its social commitment, becoming the second organization in Denmark certified by the World Fair Trade Organization. A year later, Messe Frankfurt has appointed Elvang as "Company of the Year 2011" for its extensive support of rural areas in Peru. Elvang selects only those vendors who provide training for shepherds and that provide an opportunity for mothers to work the wool in their homes, and that pay fairly both shepherds and the other workers. In Peru, Elvang has created more than 200 jobs in the textile factories, and has ensured the sale of alpaca wool for many of the shepherds of the country. This translates into a direct involvement of the founders in various production processes, from the wool cut to the manufacture of garments. Direct contact, without intermediaries, makes possible the payment to the shepherds of the full market price and makes also possible the training of shepherds in the breeding of alpacas, and in farming and cutting techniques. In addition, a bonus is offered to the shepherds that manage to shear the animals properly. The company has very high-quality standards and strictly follows its rules of equity and solidarity, which represent the natural evolution of moral principles and inviolable values. Elvang is also a member of the UN Global Compact, a sector that encourages companies to engage in ethical and sustainable global economy.

Elvang's Design
Elvang's vision is the will to combine the best of two worlds: one of the best fibres of the entire world, such as the Peruvian Alpaca, and the charm of contemporary Scandinavian design. Elvang is a name that has established itself in the luxury textiles sector thanks to the creation of products which respect the integrity and the pride of those who make them. Ethics and Fair Trade are the centre of each Elvang collection. The several furnishing elements are inspired by specific historical and cultural roots that are far from our country. The fibres of the alpaca wool are soft and thin and it is for this reason that the fabrics are very soft. The baby-alpaca wool is extra fine and even softer, and it comes from the first clipping of the animal, when it is about 2 and a half years old. The Elvang collections offer a wide range of furnishing accessories including pillows, plaids, but also scarves, both classical and tubular, and various gift ideas, including hot water bottles or chairs covered in warm and soft fabrics. The fibres of the alpaca wool are also famous for being excellent thermal insulators: they keep you warm in the winter and chill in the summer, and this makes them ideal for every season. Furthermore, the alpaca fibre structure is much more resistant of the other wool fibres, such as sheep wool or cashmere, and it is for this reason that the Elvang products can be considered 'eternal'. Another important difference between the alpaca wool and sheep wool regards the texture. While the traditional wool fibres are irregular, and the fibres adhere to each other creating annoying 'lint', the alpaca fibres are extremely smooth, and this feature is enhanced through a special weaving technique. This guarantees a great ease of cleaning, since all Elvang products are created to be dirt repellent and light. The alpaca wool is the characteristic that makes the difference in Elvang collections: this wool is hypoallergenic, as it doesn't contain any lanolin, which is the substance to which many people are allergic. How did Elvang bring Peru to Denmark? The Elvang brand has managed to finish design products from South America in accordance with the Scandinavian style. The choice of natural colours and their elegant simplicity was the way through which Elvang managed to combine two very distant worlds. The brand is completely quality-oriented. For sure, it is not difficult to love soft and warm furnishing elements that accompany everyday life while respecting environment, animals and people.