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The Stay-at-Home Survival Guide. In August
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The Stay-at-Home Survival Guide. In August

In winter, when I’m frozen to the bone and the rain shows no sign of letting up, my greatest desire is for summer to arrive, instantly.

And at last, it’s here: it’s summer.

I forget, though, that summer isn’t only sun, sand and sea, it’s also muggy heat in the empty city, Facebook feeds full of photos of suntanned friends on fabulous yachts while you’re stuck in the office staring at a screen and you’re lucky to find a bar open for lunch. Because - alas - the holidays don’t last three months.

But enough moaning; think positive! It all depends on your point of view. Here are a few small tips to make summer in the city and at home as pleasant as possible.

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Your corner of paradise - at home

For the lucky people who have a terrace or garden available, the idea is to turn it into a place where you can escape and pretend, just for a while, you’re far from the city. Always in the hope of finding a breath of (urban) wind.

Add a table and some chairs so you can have dinner outside - even better with friends, of course. Always make sure you have the ingredients for an ice-cold Mojito, fresh salad, ice cream for dessert, and the evening’s sorted.

It’s well-known that plants improve mood and cleanse the air. So fill your little corner of paradise with greenery and flowers: they’re wonderful decor accessories that’ll make everything more colourful. And you might even discover a new passion.

4 Plants that’ll last the summer
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Finally, get hold of a couple of deck chairs, sit down, close your eyes and start imagining you’re somewhere else. Listen to some music, soak up the sun and read a book. It’s working already, right?

Flamingo Everywhere

On the other hand, if your home has no outdoor space or if you simply want to make indoors special too, don’t despair: there’s always a solution.

An example? Buy a hammock and hang it from the ceiling. Besides being an alternative yet elegant addition to your living room, it’s a super-comfortable place to snooze, read or simply relax.

Change your plates, cutlery and glasses. For your summer supper parties you need colourful, fun accessories and cocktail glasses. Are you going to give up on Mojitos just because you don’t have a balcony?

And this year’s craze? Flamingoes everywhere. Maybe you can even find one - a pretend one, obviously - for your living room.

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The colour of the sea

If the colours of winter are grey, brown and black, summer colours are cheerful, vibrant and bright, like orange, blue and green.

Change your towels for a joyful touch: going to work will feel different if you’ve wrapped yourself in a brightly-coloured striped bathrobe after your shower.

For breakfast time, get some lovely blue placemats and match them with cream-coloured cups. You’ll feel as if you’re by the sea.

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And as for rugs: put them away for the summer. In the heat it’s much better to walk barefoot on a cool floor!

Final piece of advice? If summer in the city stresses you out, pack up and get out at the weekend. Even if it’s only for a day, the important thing is a change of scene!

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