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Do you have a garden? Here are 3 styles to make the most of it
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Do you have a garden? Here are 3 styles to make the most of it

It’s seen barbecues, birthday parties, candlelit dinners and sunbathing sessions. You’ve invited your parents and your colleagues, and your brother has had his friends round.

It doesn’t take much to liven it up, and even though you have to cut the grass one Sunday a month, the other three weekends you can make the most of it: it’s your garden.

credits: Magnus Mardingcredits: Magnus Marding

However, a garden doesn’t just need looking after: it should also be well-furnished. When you’re choosing the chairs to match the table or the sun umbrella of the perfect width, remember it’s not only about aesthetics, but primarily about the things you like doing outdoors: did you know that some materials are better than others for exteriors?

To assist you in your choice, here are three different styles you can use to enhance your garden and the time you spend there.

La Classica Natural director's chair
Summer outdoor square table 80x80
Rodolfo Outdoor Modular Seat Bed

Modern outdoor furniture

For you, the garden is an oasis. It’s a place of tranquility and coolness, where you can disconnect from everything, invite friends for dinner under the stars or practise yoga in the shade of a tree. Not to mention that it’s the perfect way of entertaining (read: tire out) children and animals!

If this sounds like your approach to the garden in summer, you should pay careful attention to the materials used in your outdoor decor: opt for waterproof fabrics in case of showers and the sprinkler system, and always choose UV-resistant coatings to preserve the colours over time.

Accentuate the informal and relaxed atmosphere by hanging strings of lights over a sofa - an outdoor one, of course - heaped with comfortable cushions. Opt for colourful chairs and small tables, some of them folding, to be brought out when needed: it’s well-known that a beautiful garden attracts visitors, even without an invitation.

How to achieve a classy garden

Neutral colours, strong shapes and traditional materials - but revisited by the best brands: it’s the timeless style of secret gardens.

Sunbathing in the afternoon or reading a good book in the early evening: the best way to enjoy your green surroundings is to resist the temptation to be productive or constantly check your phone. This summer, air will be your best friend.

Give in to the atmosphere and peace of a space designed to welcome you: basketwork armchairs and sofas made in natural materials, cushions in light shades, lighting calculated to pick out details and facilitate whispered conversations.

It’s the charm of your grandparents’ wicker easy chair, but designer-made.

Set of 6 Palma outdoor armchairs
Cleo Teak sunbed
Spillo Peg outdoor floor lamp

Vintage furniture for outdoor spaces

Is Provence too far away? Are you nostalgic for the summers you spent in Tuscany as a child? Don’t worry: you can recreate that slightly bitter-sweet feel in your city garden too.

Choose wrought iron, fall for romantic basketwork, don’t scrimp on flower boxes and lanterns: every detail contributes to the harmony of your garden, making it the perfect place to stroll or serve ice cream.

The vintage feel of these furnishings is not only in their aesthetics: they’re made with recycled materials, so you can help the environment even while you enjoy the sunshine. And don’t forget to plant a few aromatic herbs!

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