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M’Illumino di Meno 2018 and LED lamps
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M’Illumino di Meno 2018 and LED lamps

Throughout 2017, too many sad tweets and political rallies have denied the reality of climate change. In the meantime, the Antarctic was experiencing out of season storms and hurricanes, so frequent and with such devastating effects as to warrant their own Wikipedia page.

Yet 2018 will be devoted to ecology and saving the planet. This is what the press and social media are saying and the brands too that have begun to steer towards eco-business, in line with the consumer’s wishes.

It’s in everybody’s interest to back this change.

Moonlight with Caterpillar

The 2018 edition of M’Illumino di Menofollows this trend. M’Illumino di Meno is the annual event on energy saving that was launched in 2005 by Caterpillar, the iconic Rai2 radio programme.

M'illumino di Meno has become much more than a mere event: it’s a real celebration of a sustainable way of life.

Apart from encouraging people to turn the lights off, an invitation which over the years has involved – alongside private residents in their homes – the Colosseo and Eiffel tower, as well as restaurants, businesses, museums, schools and public offices, this year Caterpillar urges the public to be proactive in the effort to bring about change.

By walking, literally: cars and private vehicles are to be avoided as much as possible, yes to public transport. You can make the most of it by getting off a few stops earlier and continue walking.

The main aim? To reach (all of us together) 555 million steps, in other words the same distance as from the earth to the moon.

The event is on the 23 February 2018: remember to wear comfy shoes.

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Why is M’Illumino di Meno happening in February?

It has to do with the Kyoto protocol, an international treaty that involves the entire planet – apart from the United States who won’t ratify the protocol any more – and is concerned with preventing and fighting global warning, as well as marking its own anniversary.

The treaty came into effect on the 16th February 2005. So, what better way to celebrate it than to switch the lights off as you blow the candles out?

Why LEDs are good for the environment

If you want to keep your lights on however, don’t forget to choose LEDs. At first glance, they might appear more expensive than the average, but in the long run LEDs are good for the environment as well as your pockets.

As opposed to standard light-bulbs, a single LED converts most of the electricity into light, thus reducing the amount of electricity that’s lost by converting into heat. What’s more, LEDs last considerably longer than their competitors and their capacity has more than tripled in the last five years, going from15.000 to 50.000 hours.

So, a single LED light-bulb can last over six years.

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