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Founded in 1960, Artemide is one of the world's most famous lighting makers. Today it is synonym of innovation and Italian design tradition. Its lamps are true contemporary design icons: displayed in major museums all around the globe, they have contributed to make the history of international design.
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Iconic Lamps and Chandeliers

Founded in 1960, Artemide is an Italian brand known worldwide for its lamps and chandeliers. Indeed, it is synonymous with design, great innovation and the Made in Italy tradition. Many lamps produced by the company are considered contemporary icons, and are often displayed in modern art museums all over the world, thus becoming a symbol of international design. One of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality residential and professional lighting fixtures, Artemide follows a production philosophy called "The Human Light," according to which lighting fixtures must be created with people and their well-being in mind.

In fact, lighting fixtures are considered by this brand as pieces that arise from people’s experience, created to satisfy a specific need, and this is how the company started producing them – thinking about how to respond to different needs depending on the space available. Artemide therefore does not simply aim to illuminate a space, but above all to provide light to the various activities that take place within it, aiming to meet the requirements of flexibility but at the same time allowing for great visual precision. Moreover, to achieve maximum performance, research is focused primarily on minimizing environmental resources. In 1994 Artemide was awarded the prestigious "Compasso d'Oro" award for its long career in design.

The company has always collaborated with important international designers, but has also promoted seminars to find new talents, bringing innovation and creativity to into its production process. Indeed, the values that set Artemide's products apart are a great sense of research, remarkable experimentation, but also a great deal of innovation besides the introduction of new technologies. The eco-friendliness of the materials used, moreover, guarantees high production standards, conforming to international requirements, and the company has always strived to produce fixtures that offer both functionality and aesthetic value.

Michele de Lucchi

Born in Ferrara in 1951, Michele de Lucchi is an Italian architect who specializes in industrial design. During his collaboration with Artemide he has designed lamps that obtained international success as well as furniture and furnishing elements. Moreover, he has also worked for Olivetti, Compaq, and Siemens in the production of office furniture and has designed pieces for his own brand. “The Human Light” is an expression that represents the whole history and philosophy of one of the most popular brands worldwide when it comes to lighting fixtures.

Indeed, Artemide designs its pieces with people’s well-being in mind and its products are therefore not simply beautiful design pieces with state-of-the-art technological features but rather lamps that arise from a research on what people need. This is a company with a goal that is both genial and difficult to achieve: light is considered as just another tool a designer can use to improve living conditions inside a given environment. Indeed, Artemide wants to accompany people in their everyday life, providing light and at the same time reducing environmental impact by creating eco-friendly pieces. One of the most popular models is the “Tolomeo” lamp, a truly remarkable design piece, appreciated worldwide for its lightness and clean lines. Created in 1987, it is still well-loved today.

The “Tolomeo” Lamp

A real best-seller, the “Tolomeo” lamp was designed by Michele Lucchi for Artemide. This desk lamp is a practical object that does not compromise when it comes to elegance, as is clear by its clean and simple lines. Moreover, it also follows the brand’s dictates when it comes to eco-sustainability as it is powered by a LED light bulb which, unlike normal lamps, uses up about 90% less energy. The prototype dates back to 1981, but since its launch in 1986, “Tolomeo” has remained in the charts of the world's best-selling lamps and is now a symbol of the Made in Italy tradition when it comes to design. Lamps by Artemide are synonymous with design, innovation and the Made in Italy tradition, and it is therefore clear to see how the brand has contributed to the history of international design with products based on revolutionary ideas such as the “Tolomeo Artemide” lamp designed by Giancarlo Fassina and Michele De Lucchi. Giancarlo Fassina collaborates with Artemide and with other among the most important companies in the world of lighting fixtures.

Light is his profession, in all its form and expression, and he has also worked on the setting up of exhibitions and museums taking care of every detail himself, from the study of shadows, to the angles, to the exhibition itself, in order to find the perfect background. “Eclisse” table lamp Artemide has contributed to the history of international design with another piece as well, namely the “Eclisse” table lamp. Born from the creative genius of architect, town planner, and designer Vico Magistretti in 1967, “Eclisse” is a table lamp with either a direct or a diffused light, suitable also for wall installation. It is based on the concept of the eclipse, from which it takes its name: the lamp, in fact, allows its user to dim the light according to taste and need, simply by sliding a round body in front of the light source, regulating it, and when it is completely covered, the remaining glow brings to mind the astronomic phenomenon.

The effect is beautiful, of course, but also functional as it allows you to dim the light in the moment of need. Giancarlo Mattioli is another great designer who has contributed to making Artemide an internationally-renowned brand, creating the “Nesso” table lamp (or “Nessino”, in its smallest version), which is displayed in important museums as well. The perfect incarnation of the nonconformist spirit typical of the 1960s, this lamp is a design piece that is still elegant and modern although it was created in the mid-20th century. Designed by Giancarlo Mattioli to participate in a contest by Domus, it has such commercial success that it immediately entered the permanent collection of “Artemide” lamps displayed at the MOMA in New York.

"Our clients are not looking for innovation for innovation’s sake. Our mission is to create something that meets their most hidden needs." Ernesto Gismondi Ernesto Gismondi is the founder and President of the Artemide Group. From the early 1960s he devoted himself to the design and production of lighting fixtures, founding with designer Sergio Mazza the Studio Artemide S.a.s., from which, at a later date, the Artemide Group was born. Ernesto Gismondi is also an internationally-renowned designer and as one of the minds behind “Memphis”, an avant-garde movement that has led to a profound evolution of design both in Italy and in the world.

“Crazy” Lamp

Born from Gismondi’s innovative vision, “Crazy” is another legendary lamp shaped as an unusual, geometric frame that can be installed on the wall just as on the ceiling, with a simple yet decisive personality. Refined design, exceptional technical performance, use of eco-friendly materials: a mission, that of Artemide, which has as its sole focus the pursuit of well-being, and which, together with its collaboration with designers from all over the world, has made the company a leading brand in the world of design lighting fixtures.