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Anglepoise, style & strength
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Anglepoise, style & strength

The origin of Anglepoise, the iconic brand of British design, dates back to the second half of 1800s,  when Herbert Terry founded the Herbert Terry and Sons Ltd, a family company which produced springs and suspension systems.

In 1931, automotive engineer George Carwardine created the first Anglepoise Lamp – Four Spring Anglepoise, which gave an important contribute to contemporary design. In the following years he got in touch with Herbert Terry and together the two started an industrial production of this icon-to-be.

The whole idea of an item being a ‘design classic’ or ‘iconic’ is something that has been greatly pushed by advertisers and product promoters. But, in our mind, you have to truly earn a badge like this. It cannot be bought or forced. It has to be accepted by the masses at large, often over time. In many ways it has to become part of the landscape, there, but always looking fresh and timeless.
Simon Terry, Anglepoise Artistic Director

Original 1227™ desk lamp brass - Slate colour
Original 1227™ table lamp white
Original 1227™ table lamp bright chrome

The perfect balance

Why was this lamp so special? Its revolutionary support system was groundbreaking at the time - the lamp seemed to need no external support in any angle or position. This was made possibile by a unique folding arm and a sophisticated system of levers and cranks.

In the 1980s we got a clear demonstration of the great technology that underlies the energy-efficient Anglepoise lamps. While conducting some researches in Loch Ness, in Scotland, a group of researchers found a RAF bombardier used during the Second World War that had sank in the lake. At the time, Anglepoise was the maker of some lamps – the Anglepoise Navigator’s Lamp - used inside British aircrafts involved in the conflict. When researchers entered the airplane, they discovered an old lamp, tried to turn it on and… it still worked, after decades in a lake!

The bombardier found in Loch Ness Lake is now exposed at Brooklans Museum, in Weybridge, Surrey, England - and guess what: you can still turn on the Anglepoise lamp!

Type 75™ wall lamp
Type 75™ desk lamp
Type 75™ Mini table lamp with clamp

Original, Type & Giant

From the very beginning until now, Anglepoise has always had a distinctive style, even when the colour, the material and the size change.

The floor lamp Original 1227 Fixed and the Type 75 Lamp are perfect to light up any room of your home, thanks to the simplicity and elegance of their shapes.

The suspension Lamp Original 1227 allows you to mix colours and shapes and create a personal, original light effect. It's the perfect option if you are looking for a beautiful designer item.

The floor lamp Giant 1227 is a faithful reproduction of the Anglepoise table lamp on a larger scale. It was commissioned to the brand by the Roald Dahl Museum, in Buckinghamshire, Great Britain. It’s said that the author used to write his stories under the light of an Anglepoise lamp.

Original 1227™ Fixed floor lamp
Type 75™ Mini floor lamp
Type 75™ Maxi floor lamp
Estimated reading time
3 Minutes
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