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A moon in your living room: Superloon by Flos
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A moon in your living room: Superloon by Flos

Have you heard about Superloon? It looks like it draws more than just appearance from the moon. It's radiating, but also mysterious - and some claim that this can really switch things up in the house, even when it comes to the water level in the goldfish bowl.

Everyone’s inevitably attracted to Superloon, but it’s the zigzag pattern that wins people over when it comes to the latest lamp designed by Jasper Morrison for Flos.

We first saw it at Milan’s Salone 2016, when it was presented. Many circled around before getting closer, some went right in for first contact, and a handful had the courage to touch it. The most curious of spectators were on the prowl for the dark side of the moon. Everyone was snapping photos.

Jasper MorrisonJasper Morrison

The Flos Tactic: amaze designers to amaze everyone else

Flos has a tempting way to stimulate designer creativity. Jasper Morrison let us in on it:

A couple of years ago Piero Gandini (editor’s note: Flos AD) showed me a new LED technology. [...] Superloon is the answer regarding what to do with such intriguing technology.

Morrison is referring to Edge Lighting Technology by Flos. An innovation that allows you to create ultra-thin, efficient and high-performing light at 360 degrees, making for optimum visual comfort. It’s a bright light but it doesn’t beam – but that’s just the start of it.

Superloon floor lamp
Superloon floor lamp - chrome
Superloon white floor lamp - Second Chance

Superloon integrates a dim-to-warm feature, perhaps the final step in LED over other lighting technology. As light intensity decreases the light spectrum gets warmer, just like in bulb filaments. Cold and effective light at full power, warm and comfortable light at minimum.

The intensity is adjusted by touching one of the three legs. Getting rid of switches completely, Morrison took away any sort of sign - after the light bulb and light itself – tying the Superloon to the standard idea of a lamp. It’s no wonder it amazes its spectators.

When a lamp doesn’t feel like a lamp yet it’s still a lamp

Superloon has the undeniable appeal of objects that don’t appear to be what they actually are. Designers often achieve this goal with a trick or an illusion. A fir tree that has a trunk made of toothpicks, a court jester that’s actually a corkscrew, a rabbit that can sit up with no problems.

Forest toothpick dispenser
Rabbit Lamp Small Indoor Plug - Second Chance
The Jester corkscrew

At other times the piece is like a symbol, an abstract idea that has fallen into our world, almost by mistake. A moon that’s descended into the living room. Objects featuring a split between shape and content, between signifier and signified: difficult signs to interpret, even when you know their purpose.

And the gates are open for debate. Just like the juicer designed by Starck for Alessi in 1990, an archetype, an idea that was realised, an endless source of fascination and opinion, of stupor and wariness – that ended up on display in MOMA.

Will this be Superloon's destiny?

While on the edge of our seat waiting to find out what the fate of Superloon will be, FLOS has made its way to the halls of a new museum, collaborating with Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby to create Bellhop, a rechargeable lamp that will light up the tables of the renowned London Design Museum.

Parabola Restaurant - London Design MuseumParabola Restaurant - London Design Museum
Glo Ball Basic Zero Switch table lamp
Glo Ball Basic 2 table lamp
Glo Ball Basic 1 table lamp
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