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Now! Design à vivre. Maison Objet 2017
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Now! Design à vivre. Maison Objet 2017

January 2017, all eyes on Maison Objet, the Paris home design fair. From the airplane window the city of lights looks enchanted, as between the Eiffel and Montparnasse towers stands a thick fog – or smog, as my travel companion prefers.

Upon landing, the dream ends: the frigid cold all over my ankles (why did I go no socks?) pairs with long and annoying security checks, three before entering Pavilion 7 of the famous Parisian fair, the cream of the crop when it comes to this event.

Tavola, tavolae, tavolae. Tables all over

Everyone has their own say on innovation, it’s only normal. Maison Objet is an international showcase that both surprises and delights. So many new features, but in reality so many similarities. Tables, tables, tables and table accessories. Here and there you’ll find marble tables, a theme that’s been continued from last year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan and last week’s IMM Cologne.

Copacabana cushion
Tale centrepiece - colours
Taika plate ø 26 cm

Frenzy from afar, organization from up close

Still in Pavilion 7, Maison Objet, Paris Nord Villepinte. Out of the blue I notice a bit of a contrast between frenzy and organization. Lots of furniture, stands overflowing with home goods. From afar it looks like frenzy but up close it’s a frenzy of storage products, shelves and desks. Loads of tidy stationery and pleasant decoration. The 2017 New Year’s Resolution is a good one: organization!

It’s green, that’s it

Two fairs out of two, it seems pretty clear: Green is the color of the year, Pantone was right. Green in every shade is put on display for sofas, tables, carpets and other pieces of furniture. When the furniture itself isn’t green, then the decor is, with prints galore. Trust me, there is no space that isn’t green in some way. Will your 2017 home be the same?

Jungle cushion
Suspended shelf with 4 half-spheres
Cactus medium-sized vase

Paris, Maison Objet, Winter 2017. Two sub-par days: once you leave Pavilion 7, the rest just doesn’t compare. A pity. We’ll be back next autumn.

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