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Any plans for the weekend? Milan Design Film Festival
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Any plans for the weekend? Milan Design Film Festival

A long black carpet – leading from the street to the multiplex – will welcome the audience at the Anteo spazioCinema that will host the 4th edition of Milano Design Film Festival. The event is supported and sponsored by the municipality of Milan and it will take place between from October 6 to 9, 2016. The event forms part of the Fall Design Week 2016: a group of events aimed at promoting projects to develop and establish the role of Milan as the capital not only of fashion, but also of design.

A temporary space for design at the Anteo movie theatre

Also thanks to the support of the sponsors of the project, the historic movie theatre in via Milazzo will be turned into a temporary space for design that will celebrate and make known the importance of design within Italy's culture and society. In the end, it is easier to remember a movie than an essay about urban architecture in the '30s.

The festival will begin with a preview on October 5 at 9 p.m. and, starting from Friday 6, there will be movies projected every day from the morning to midnight.

The good news? Tickets are from €5 ( Just a couple of clicks and you have your weekend arranged. The program includes art movies, biographies, reportages, unpublished discoveries of monumental works for an audience of architects, designers, lovers of the subject but also for all curious people in Milan.

And not only. There are also on schedule some meetings with directors, film-makers, multimedia marketing agencies, producers, university students, designers and architects will share their stories and will talk about the new tools in the world of audiovisual communication related to the promotion of design.

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The Korean Festival and the Hidden Movie

The Milan Design Film Festival does never stop. After the success of the earlier editions in Milan, the Festival has started a journey that from Bologna, Roma, Senigallia and Venice took it to Paris and London. After the great success in Europe, the festival has crossed the ocean and fascinated China and Korea. A clear sign of the interest raised by this project.

While another interesting event organised in the summer by MDFF - again in Milan - is the Cinema Nascosto (hidden movie). Private homes, architecture studios, industrial sites or historic buildings are turned into movie theatres where you can watch new and old movies, unpublished or worth a second viewing, from fiction movies to documentaries. 2016 events are over, but next year we promise to tell you in advance when Cinema Nascosto begins.

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