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about us

About Us

Italianità - Internazionalità

Lovethesign has an Italian DNA and we are proud of this because Italy is a special country, this is where the phenomenon of product design was born. We know we belong to a historical and cultural context which has unmistakable contents, our creative experience and our communicative actions thrive on them. This inclination is able to expand itself, with identical passion and selection skills, to international design.

Design Culture

Design is also a visual fact, objects play an active part in the pleasure that comes from living a place. Beauty is a concrete need, the main part in the successful outcome of an object. Our idea of design is tightly bound to the knowledge of the history, the manufacturing processes, the great excellence that make it an expression of the genius and the evolution of man. For us, design is the elective tool in our exciting mission enhancing the value of all the spaces where we spend our time, to make them cosy and an expression of our identity.


We build together with our brand-partners synergistic and innovative solutions, able to supply additional channels to the promotion of their product, by respecting the identity of the brand we help in broadening the chances for it to be accessible for architects, interior designers and contractors during the process of making design choices. Lovethesign is able to generate connections and new opportunities.


The care for the user experience is central for us. We strongly believe that visibility finalises and builds customer loyalty if you are credible: this happens when you carefully care the very delicate relationship between what is communicated and what is actually accepted. A subtle thread lies between storytelling and storydoing, the alignment of these two elements is one brand’s reputation and it represents its credibility heritage. What’s central for us is the care for the user experience, design culture, immediacy and simplicity of use, which widens to every form of communication.


What’s an online boutique?

An online boutique is first and foremost an exclusive selection of brands and products of the utmost quality. It’s culture and it’s future. It’s the place where you can find the most prestigious brands and the latest in design. It’s the best digital experience you’ll come across. It’s the easiest and safest way to shop, no matter where you live.

An online boutique also represents a commitment to selling original products only and to collaborating side by side with brands. It’s the desire to create a community of home design enthusiasts like you, offering a personalised service and the ability to turn your home into the house of your dreams.

Why stick to home design only?

Go hard or go home. We may love exotic trips, weekend getaways and the electric vibes of a bustling city, but our ideal place is still one in the same: the house.

What I’d give to live here: We’re sure you thought that to yourself when you saw fishermen leaving the port at dawn from Cinque Terre, when you discovered the side of Brunelleschi’s dome in Florence from your window or when you were taken aback by New York’s skyline at sunset. The dream always revolves around the house. A house that needs to be decorated with passion, because every day can change the way you and your loved ones live.

How did this passion for home design come to be?

Houses grow, like you and with you. Every house has its own character, but your house has your style. And as you take care of it, you take care of yourself.

Design is our passion: but not just that. We love fashion week and Italian high fashion, travelling and city art culture, running and the park and eating (and drinking) as one should. But the house is a more rounded and rewarding experience when compared to looks out on the town or a mouth-watering plate of fettuccine. It’s what defines us. It’s who we are. Because you can’t judge a book by its cover, but the house is a full read.

So how is the LOVEThESIGN selection assembled?

There’s an Italian influence from an international market. From Milan to Stockholm, from Vienna to Lisbon, from Paris to London, and everything in between, LOVEThESIGN picks and chooses the right selection to display.

LOVEThESIGN has both a permanent selection and weekly deals. We strive to offer the best in home design, without stopping there. We also put on display the passion of the people and companies who’ve turned normal, everyday objects into works of art. Design is a culture and we’re working on spreading it to everyone.

How did LOVEThESIGN come about?

In 2014, two years into its short life, LOVEThESIGN won the Netcomm Award for “Best e-Commerce Start Up” and the following year it took home both the overall award as well as the category for “Best Furniture and Novelty e-Commerce Retailer”. Because LOVEThESIGN is backed by passion. Passion for design and Italian flair by Laura, Vincenzo and Simon and their managerial experience in international e-commerce.


Design is passion
Intuition can turn into an idea, an idea into a project, a project into reality. Milan, 2012: Laura, Vincenzo and Simone, three people with a passion for design and experience in international commerce, founded LOVEThESIGN, an online home design boutique dedicated to home and lifestyle lovers and professionals.
150 Products | 12 Brands | 7 Employees
E-commerce takes skill
The three founders combined a good idea, a positive attitude and their digital skills to get all the spotlights on LOVEThESIGN. The online boutique earned the trust of many of the most important Italian and international home design brands and became a can’t-miss platform for emerging designers in search of visibility.
2.500 Products | 150 Brands | 12 Employees
Italian style, international perspectives
The Italian style and the international scope on which LOVEThESIGN is founded conquered home design fans and professionals alike. LOVEThESIGN started becoming a point of reference and its orders were growing in stride with customer appreciation and brand satisfaction. It began expanding to the UK and Poland.
12,000 Products | 700 Brands | 18 Employees
Europe, awards and acknowledgements
2015 was the year of Spain and France, the year of European expansion. LOVEThESIGN became active throughout Europe and got Netcomm’s award as Best e-Commerce and Best Home Decoration Website. It opened its first Temporary Shop in Milan, specifically Brera, to meet and personally thank its fan base.
20,000 Products | 1,200 Brands | 27 Employees
The first online home design boutique
In 2016 LOVEThESIGN topped off its transformation from e-commerce site to online boutique. The team accrued and developed new skills, while Laura, Vincenzo and Simone's goals remained as clear as ever: win over everyone's hearts, one home at a time. New projects were rolled out, putting the pieces in place for a revolution.
25,000 Products | 1,200 Brands | 33 Employees
The future takes shape
The revolution is in full force: 5 years later, LOVEThESIGN revamped and redesigned its own interface with the purpose of revolutionizing the purchasing experience and design discovery. PIANOPRIMO leads the way as the first digital magazine that's completely shoppable and integrates high-quality content, inspiration and a catalogue of over 25k products.
The future takes shape
Omnichannel and opening of the first concept stores in Italy
The first Lovethesign concept store opens in Padua. A perfect combination of aesthetics and technology, where the online shopping dynamism embraces the pleasure of "touching" the offline shops. Everything is enhanced by I-wall® presence: a two-way virtual catalogue that allows the user to view the entire online range directly inside the retail shop, and design their own home or workplace.