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The coolest new things live here. Brand new designer items lovingly picked for you by the LOVEThESIGN staff. For all those who love the latest trends!
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For those who of you who like to be up to date and fashionable, look at rich and compelling new home collections, and original objects with exclusive designs. By looking at our online catalogue you will always be informed of furniture accessories produces by designers and successful products from major brands, which are well-known in Italy and abroad. If you have spotted furniture in a magazine that you really want to have in your home, but do not know how to find it, you're definitely in the best place: every room, from the living room to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the bathroom, every purchase will buy you new character and personality. There are armchairs and chairs that greet you nicely, for your moments of calm and relaxation, which you can also possibly combine with our versatile and attractive tables. They are vintage wooden furniture, pleasing to look at with simple and essential lines, made with utmost care and using high quality materials. The beauty here always goes hand in hand with functionality, thanks to these versatile items, which ready to adapt to any space and house style. Products are also modern, playful, not too serious, and they will give the house a much more personal touch. The chairs are all equipped with convenient backrests and are very comfortable. The tables can also be joined to create new compositions, especially if you choose to combine contrasting colours: then, depending on personal tastes or the particular function and purpose, you can choose whether to use these tables individually or side by side. The effectiveness of the result is always guaranteed!

Among other innovations there also new shelves and shelving systems, made of a simple yet ingenious designs: shelves are modular and can be combined according to the tastes and needs, and are available in many colour variations. Lightness and minimalism make these shelves, furnishing elements impossible to refuse: they are perfect for odd books and ornaments, organizing the space to perfection and enhancing it with their elegant but at the same time simple and essential shapes. Like all the other furniture that you'll appreciate when browsing the online catalogue, they are solid and resistant shelves, to be used for ornaments and to place books. They can also be combined to create a fun and original composition, exploiting the chromatic variety, made with bright colours or light and delicate pastel colors.

Let yourself be tantalized and get the new collection of designer rugs: rectangular, made of wool and cotton, these rugs are perfect accessories to add a touch of personality and warmth to all the rooms of your home and also your office, carrying a wave of joy and liveliness. The carpets are typically also very comfortable and easy to wash: they normally require a simple vacuum cleaner; while for extraordinary maintenance we recommend the service of a specialist laundry. If you have a passion for soft and luxurious fabrics, you can browse the online catalogue where you can find a wide choice of soft plaid, without forgetting that there are also available pillowcases and duvet covers, specifically designed to offer you a night's sleep comfort. They are simple looking with casual fabrics, machine washable and often made of linen, a soft and durable material that will reconcile with your sleep. The duvet cover is a convenient and easy to use accessory: most of them open on one of the three sides, in which you can put in the duvet, then close with the appropriate buttons. Here the choice of colours is again very versatile: solid colours or more fancy but still original and elegant.

We have described only some of the innovations available to better transform the appearance of your home, but there are lots more, ranging from vases to lamps, without forgetting items addressed to every single room: cups, plates and practical tools for the kitchen; the precious set of towels and bathroom cabinets useful for storing objects, to ensure practicality and order.