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A pagoda for cats - in your living room!
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A pagoda for cats - in your living room!

It doesn’t matter how big your house is: your cat’s favourite place will always be your computer keyboard.

Perhaps it’s not intended to show affection, but as a challenge: could it have something to do with the fact that you’re using its basket as a magazine rack and you’ve stopped buying lavender-scented cat litter? Think about it.

Meyou designMeyou design

In the knowledge that wellbeing is also a matter of environment, in recent years pet design has made its presence felt at home design fairs.

Just like their owners, our feline friends need bespoke furnishings: it’s not about aesthetics - although dog kennels have been due an update for at least thirty years - but functionality. The way a designer sees it, naturally.

The Ball cat kennel
Cat Zoo Portraits print
Vigo steel bookend

The cat who shares your flat

Rather than inhabit, it cohabits:9 Lives (which are, as an old English proverb states, the lives that a cat can live) is a collective of nine designers who, for Singapore Design Week, presented nine solutions geared towards greater integration between the cat’s life and the home.

And the strange thing? None of them has a cat.

But this didn’t stop the designers studying the situation in Singapore, where the problems of feral cats and overcrowding coexist. And although more and more people are deciding to adopt street cats, unfortunately their integration in the domestic setting doesn’t always go smoothly.

9 Lives9 Lives

In an apartment, you have to deal simultaneously with limited space and the lack of stimulation for cats, especially during the day, when their owners are at work.

Heading the project, artist and entrepreneur Tan Chin Chin - she does have a cat - realised that it’s a wider question of lifestyle - yours and your cat’s.

The Cube cat kennel with white structure
Mio cat bowl with cover
Sofia PET Module - white

Created for your cat, beautiful for your hoome

Many owners think their job’s done once they’ve taken care of food and water.
Tan Chin Chin

But that’s not quite the way it works: just like a person, a cat needs much more than this to stay healthy. Even a pagoda with a cushion.

9 Lives9 Lives

The 9 Lives designers have come up with solutions with undoubtedly impeccable and diverse aesthetics, to satisfy the taste of every owner and the style of any apartment. The great thing about these items is the attention that goes into every detail: for example, wooden components are dyed rather than painted, to prevent the cat flaking off the paint while sharpening its claws and potentially ingesting it. Wellbeing first and foremost!

Although they’re not yet on the market, each item is already designed to be easily dismantled, shipped and moved around - a rare quality when it comes to pet furniture. But their impact does not stop inside domestic walls: the aim is to donate part of the sales revenue to the Cat Welfare Society, to be used for projects to improve the conditions of feral cats.

Perfect for cats that live indoor and outdoor.

Tonight, before you go to bed, go ahead and turn off all the lights - your cat can see perfectly well in the dark anyway - but leave your laptop open: you’ll guarantee him a wonderful night’s sleep.

9 Lives9 Lives
Miaou ring stand
Miojar cat food jar
The Ball cat kennel with white structure
The Cube cat kennel with black structure
Tigrito cat bowl
Sofia Bowl Stand 34x20
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