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Games of perspective in the house
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Games of perspective in the house

Change your point of view and give a touch of magic to your home: a game of perspective is enough to transform even the more traditional objects.

The Roman houses that usedto animate the great ancient Pompei at the end of the 1st century b.C. were decorated with a style that stands out because it creates through frescoes a new illusion of depth.

This style is defined by art critics as second Pompeian style and it is based on a particular painting technique also known as trompe l'œil, since it is able to creates an illusion that deceives the eye. And this deceit contains all the charm of the unexpected.

If you love to surprise and be surprised and you want to decorate your home with the right dose of unpredictability, LOVEThESIGN has the perfect design objects for you, conceived to create small and big illusions that will never let you down. Let’s see them together!

POV table candle holder
POV table candle holder
POV wall candle holder

Design and its tricks

The designer Carlo Bargagna re-elaborates the shapes of traditional bedside lamp in an illusionistic key for Officinanove: Demi, in all its versions, is a lamp that is really able to surprise from any corner, wall or column it is attached to.

POV - acronym for “point of view” - is the modular candle holder designed by Note Design Studio to create amazing combinations of perspective on any surface of the house. In fact, the look of this candle holder is different depending on where you look it from. From one point it almost seems a flat graphic sign; but it suddenly changes when rotated. When the candle is burning, shadows and shapes change and make POV a very fascinating object.

For all the optical illusions lovers out there, the furnishing solutions on LOVEThESIGN are countless: the Tusa mirror by Internoitaliano, with its walnut frame, simulates depth with the minimum encumbrance. The three-dimensional effect depends on the cut of the angles, but the surface of the frame doesn’t stick out.

Demi table lamp
Tusa mirror h83cm
Demi 90° floor lamp

Furniture that disappears and optical illusion

The foldable chairs Fläppsby Ambivalenz can be hung in the wall like paintings and used as extra seats when needed.

The Tria Wood chair by Colè looks like a homage to Escher’s paintings: have you ever tried a chairs with three legs?

Fläpps folding chair - Circles
Fläpps Black Floating Shelf 80x40 cm
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