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Portable chargers or how to survive when the battery reaches 1%
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Portable chargers or how to survive when the battery reaches 1%

You’re sitting in the train and you’re finishing the presentation you need to deliver once you’ve reached the meeting: your curt boss and your new punctilious clients will be there. You’re focussed and making good progress, but time is running out and the wireless connection keeps coming and going.

The screen dims all of the sudden. You check the capacity of the battery straight away: 2%. You take a deep breath and try to keep calm, after all every train has a socket for a charger. You’re wrong, not at all of them: your train doesn’t have one, for instance.

You begin to panic, butterflies storm around in your stomach, you start running up and down the carriages. But you’re only wasting your time:1%.

OK, OK, stress starts taking over: it was just a story, a nightmare of the third millennium, it hasn’t really happened. Not yet.

My Spot organiser
Picnic tote/throw

Your bag as a portable charger

The guys from LAER have come up with an interesting idea. They’ve designed a laptop case with cables that can charge devices of any kind using a built-in battery. They presented it on Kickstarter and it was a success: they got together double what they needed to go into production.

The LAER bag is designed for people who travel with electronic devices and have had enough of carrying six different chargers with them, all tangled up together. One universal charger, compatible with anything: from Apple to Samsung. And there’s also wireless charging, ready for the near future. Or to give your girlfriend peace of mind.

Bon Jour Unplugged table lamp
Sunflower solar charger
Gingko solar tree

Charger accessories: the new frontier of technology

It’s not just laptops that run out at the worst possible times, causing psychological traumas: Smartphones too often switch off unexpectedly.

How will I cope now?!

You can take your wallet out of your pocket and... charge your iPhone. Really? Yes. You just need to pick the right kind of wallet. The guys from Nomad have paired up with one of the oldest American tanneries to make a fully-fledged wallet.

credits: Andrew Neelcredits: Andrew Neel

OK, that wallet is slightly masculine-looking. The web suggests another Kickstarter project better suited to the ladies launched 700% a few years ago: Pearl, a make-up mirror with a charger for your iPhone using a usb. Pearl has battery and a led ring of light.

The really portable charger

But if you have to travel a lot, between trains and airports, what is the perfect portable charger for iPhone, iPad and all the other tablets and smartphones. The wheeled suitcase with a built-in charger. It also has GPS. High technology, efficient, Made in Germany. Discover more about it reading the following article:

The suitcase that knows where it is and how much it weighs already exists
Departure only takes a minute, but demands constant attention - unless you have the perfect ally.
Overindulgence Survival kit
Smartravel My Electronics travel bag
Royal table lamp
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