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Bon Jour Monsieur Starck, Flos speaking
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Bon Jour Monsieur Starck, Flos speaking

The morning when Flos decided that, yet again, it was time to come up with something that would blow everyone away, he promptly called Monsieur Starck. From Paris, the famous French designer responded and swiftly told the Italian brand to put everything on hold for a minute, even to stop talking, and just watch the flow of life.

And so they did: everyone put down their pens or handhelds so that they could truly recognize what was going on around them. Was this really necessary to create a lamp? Or was it just that he had to distance himself from the very idea of ?a lamp itself and its relationship with the people?

This is - or could be - the history of the Bon Jour collection.

Bon Jour Unplugged table lamp copper with crown
Bon Jour table lamp
Bon Jour Unplugged table lamp

Looking for an archetype

The first model launched by Flos that hit the market was the desktop version, simply called Bon Jour, which is also the name of the entire collection.

The Bon Jour table lamp is also the first result stemming from the collaboration between Starck and Flos: a refined, see-through body with a top separate from its base, containing the light source within it. A single base, four tops and just as many crowns. A technique that gives meaning to art.

Crown for Bonjour table lamp
Bon Jour table lamp - copper
Crown for Bonjour table lamp - clear

Bon Jour is the technological essence of an elegant lamp, a timeless designer piece that still offers extraordinary customization features as well as the need to stand out in an otherwise monotonous era. It’s truly a difficult balance to achieve.


Bon Jour is a bright and cohesive collection that explores the timeless elegance of high-tech dematerialisation combined with the freedom of creative expression.
Philippe Starck

Bon Jour is joined by a smaller version that adds a little something more, or, if you prefer, something less: it’s wireless, and called Bon Jour Unplugged.

It has a battery concealed at its base that lasts up to 6 hours at full intensity and can be recharged via micro USB. It is a high-quality light that sticks by your side from sunrise to sunset. From the bedside to the desk in your office, all the way to the table next to the sofa, finally making its ways to the dinner table for a romantic meal for two.

A dinner lit by Bon Jour: like it’s big sister, the Unplugged too has a light intensity adjustment, and, above all, the Bon Jour Unplugged can also be customized: four colours for the body and the same amount for the lampshade crowns. Sixteen ways to make it your very own.


Beauty does not interest me, it’s a counterproductive word. […] On the contrary, I’m just hoping that my work is satisfactory. In order to help us live better together. In order to create a product, an action or a really useful layout, contributing to everyone’s life. Anything that can make life smarter, more creative, more in love.
Philippe Starck

Perhaps it is this relentless ambition, that tireless desire to create something new, something both out of the ordinary yet practical, perhaps it is the mix of complicity and desire to experiment: the truth is that something special sets the Philippe Starck-Flos collaboration apart from the rest, and that something manifests itself in the Bon Jour collection.

Crown for Bon Jour Unplugged table lamp - rippled
Crown for Bon Jour Unplugged table lamp
Bon Jour Unplugged table lamp matte white with rippled crown
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