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Flos, the most iconic lamps in the history of lighting.
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Flos, the most iconic lamps in the history of lighting.

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The cornerstone of Italian design, Flos, was born from the idea of ??starting from a light bulb to create objects suitable for changing the way of living, reinventing the idea of ??artificial lighting. With Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Afra and Tobia Scarpa and other masters of design, Flos' commitment and creative imagination transformed the concept of light design and led to the creation of the most iconic lamps in the history of lighting, sculptures, balance games, new icons of tomorrow's design, already real today.

A brief survey on a large group of architects of our knowledge, Italian and international, revealed which Flos lamps are the most desired or the most used in their projects.

The result is always interesting and we will tell you about the first four luminous objects that entered the ranking.



Iconic and timeless, the Superloon floor lamp by Jasper Morrison will illuminate the living spaces with its delicate and sober light, the perfect element to blend with the home, like a sculpture in the surrounding environment, or to define the uniqueness of an office space. Thanks to its adjustable disk, the light is dimmable both in intensity and in terms of color temperature, accompanying the rhythms of each room and the flow of the day.



The Arrangements collection, delicate chandeliers signed by London-based designer of Cypriot origin Michael Anastassiades. Presented on the occasion of the Fuorisalone - Milan Design Week 2018, these pendants are a playful reference to the world of jewelry and to the ambivalence of the term "pendant" itself, used both to define the details of a necklace and to identify a light designed to be hanging from the ceiling. This is how, in creating multiple compositions of individual chandeliers, luminous pendant jewels are born to embellish living spaces.



Bellhop, like few other table lamps, manages to illuminate everyday life, portable and rechargeable, lights up every corner you want, freely without the clutter of wires. It makes dining at home more fascinating, but above all it creates the right atmosphere at restaurant tables. Available in different colors, from trendy air force blue to classic white, passing through the most irreverent red and yellow; a classy touch for the office, it is chic next to a bed, it also fits perfectly outdoors, for uncompromising design.



Considered "the Mercedes of lamps, a symbol of success", Taccia by Castiglioni is the detail that makes the difference. Timeless, with a neoclassical appearance thanks to the Doric column base, it was conceived as a table lamp, but it is also exceptionally suitable as a floor lamp thanks to its big dimensions. Its history began in 1958, when the Castiglioni brothers, driven by enthusiasm for new synthetic materials, wanted to create a lamp whose reflector cup was made of a transparent plastic material. To overcome the problems caused by the heat, Flos took over the prototypes and perfected them with the use of delicate blown glass. His rise, and consequently the production, started in 1962 and is still today the pride of the Brescia company.    

Estimated reading time
4 Minutes
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