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6 of the best places to have a Christmas vacation
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6 of the best places to have a Christmas vacation

Some people, at Christmas, could never say no to shopping while holding something hot to drink. Some other people prefer to go somewhere warm and exotic, far from everything (and everyone).

While you decide which team you belong to, here are some ideas to help you choose where and how to spend your next Christmas holidays.

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The best Christmas markets in Europe 

Christmas markets in Munich

You should start from a real Christmas classic: Monaco. There are so many markets to choose from, scattered throughout the city.

Once you have admired the splendid Christmas tree in the main square, make sure you enjoy your evening walk in the city streets and try some of the tasty local dishes.

credits: Joachim Messerschmidtcredits: Joachim Messerschmidt

The Copenhagen Christmas market 

If you want to think outside the box and you are a lover of Scandinavian design, Copenhagen is the perfect destination.

The Danish capital will give your walks a unique mix of old and new, made of stalls full of delicacies but also vintage shops and household items.

The best Christmas markets in Italy in Naples and Bolzano

Naples is famous for its cribs, but which famous people will have earned a front row seat next to the manger?

For the sweet tooth, it is forbidden not to stop for a slice of pizza or a frying to be consumed on the street.

credits: ciaoitaliabella.itcredits:

The best Christmas market? The one in Bolzano. There, you will surely discover a unique piece of craftsmanship at the artists' market, while the enchanted forest will captivate you with its romantic lights.

And, to warm up, go to Walther Square: here you will find stalls of mulled wine and a slice of apple strudel.

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Holiday in warm weather in December 

Christmas in Tenerife

The Hotel Jardin Tropical, on the island of Tenerife, is a unique boutique hotel that the interior designer Jaime Beriestain has created thinking of the island's nature and its Chilean tradition.

Not to mention that it is the perfect place from which to enjoy the ever spring-like climate for which Tenerife is famous, even at Christmas.

credits: hotel Jardin Tropical, Tenerifecredits: hotel Jardin Tropical, Tenerife

December in Tanzania

If you want to recharge your batteries, the Manta Resort is perfect. Located on a small island in Tanzania and immersed in the blue of the ocean, this floating structure houses a glass-level bedroom below sea level, where you can sleep surrounded by colorful marine life.

Winter holidays in Tuscany 

Borgo Pignano in Tuscany is the perfect destination if you have only one word in mind: relax.

Between the two nature reserves, there is in fact a four-star farmhouse-relais where you can decide whether to enjoy a horse ride, a cooking lesson or a painting lesson.

Because nothing can free your mind as you enjoy the holidays while sipping a glass of wine at sunset, against the backdrop of the Tuscan hills.

credits: Borgo Pignano, Toscanacredits: Borgo Pignano, Toscana

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