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Muuto strives to expand the Scandinavian design tradition with new and original perspectives. The name Muuto comes Finnish muutos, meaning perspective - and this brand is always on the look for new, original perspectives. It handpicks the brightest design talents and gives them the freedom to express their individual stories.
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New prospects for Scandinavian design.
Founded in 2008, the young Danish company Muuto represents the new style wave of the already well-known Scandinavian design. Behind the scenes of Muuto New Nordic, there are the creative minds of two young editors and designers who aim at developing traditional Scandinavian design tradition in an unusual context, new and original.

The Danish term "Muutos" is inspired by the concept of change: and it is exactly on this abstract image that its founders based the philosophy of the company, with the intention of opening a spectacular new chapter in the history of Scandinavian design. Nordic art is mainly characterized by its strong link to tradition and craftsmanship; Muuto wants to merge this practice with the use of innovative materials, projects, ideas and bold and creative thinking, all to create and offer a new perspective on the world of Scandinavian design.

The designers working for Muuto are asked to change the world, starting from simple objects like a chair, a table or a vase. Muuto identifies the best Scandinavian talents and lets them free to express their personal vision and style. And it is this spirit of mind that gives life to works of art such as the Closely Separated vase, which Michael Geertsen describes as a fusion of abstract bowls, cups and dishes that by joining together create an entirely new object just like this ceramic handmade vase. The presence of a pleasant aesthetic despite the discordant elements of this object is the most innovative and visionary effect you can ever get from the design.

The secret of Muuto's style is knowing how to surprise even through the use of original materials for its creations. Wooden lamps or baskets made from recycled plastic bottles guarantee an extravagant and bizarre collection. The eco-friendly aspect has been carefully considered by the Nordic brand, which does not miss the opportunity to design practical and multifunctional items manufactured using recycled materials.
The Felt Basket Restore is one good example: it is a polymeric felt container whose shape recalls a small basket, and it is perfect to contain anything you need. It was designed by Mika Tolvanen and it can also contain very heavy items such as bottles or the wood logs thanks to the thick and strong felt it is made of. This material has been produced using a polymer fiber derived from recycled bottles. Muuto produces furnishings with a very pleasant aesthetic and also a great functionality. These are the hallmarks of all the items by Muuto New Nordic that amaze for their elegant design that makes them become the true stars of any location.

Decorative and extremely useful furniture elements that cleverly combine beauty and functionality, such as the coat hanger The Dots, born from the creativity of the designers Tveit & Tornøe who have been collaborating with this renowned brand for a long time. A small masterpiece comes in different sizes; what immediately catches the attention is its sinuous shape, rounded and perfect for hanging all kinds of garment without ruining them. Ideal to create imaginative compositions on the wall, also by using other articles form the same line. But even on its own, it is able to give personality to any naked wall.
Every piece coming from the Nordic company Muuto is the reflection of the mind, identity and universe that is inside its creator. In other words: "opening to new prospects". Creating everyday objects, but starting from a new perspective (often strange and unusual) that eventually proves to be successful.
Muuto do not want to miss anything and it gathers many of the best new Nordic designers such as Harri Koskinen, Louise Campbell, Norway Says, Ole Jensen, Matti Klenell, Thomas Bernstrand, Mika Tolvanen, Claesson Koivisto Rune and Ilkka Suppanen. Muuto is a young and dynamic brand always careful to follow the latest trends.

The philosophy of the group envisages a "re-reading" all the canons of Scandinavian design, representing them under a new guise and applying them to everyday objects. New creative processes that have shaped entire collections pervaded by a strong modern taste, characterized by minimalist and essential lines. A new way of designing and reinventing fundamental items in every home that, due to their shape, always manage to give that extra touch to the setting.

Harri Koskinen
Born in 1970, this versatile Finnish designer has created a wide range of different products - furniture, dishes, glasses, lamps, candle holders, clocks, textiles and much more - for worldwide famous brands. The international success of Harri Koskinen began in 1996 with the Block lamp, now considered a classic of Scandinavian design, so much so that it is present in the permanent collection of the MoMA since 2000. Harri Koskinen's design is characterized by functionality and by strict aesthetic criteria and innovative solutions.

Louise Campbell
Daughter of a Danish father and an English mother, she was raised and educated in both countries. After graduating at the London College in 1992, she returned to Denmark, where she continued her studies in Industrial Design. She founded her studio in 1996, and that was the beginning of her career. Louise Campbell's work is playful and experimental, and this designer is renowned to twist in a delicate way everyday objects but also materials and production processes.

Tveit & Tornøe
Atle Tveit and Lars Tornøe - both graduated in Design of Furniture and Spatial Design at the National Academy of the Arts in Bergen - founded in 2006 in Bergen their design studio. All their works are based on the constant pursuit of the distinction between what seems to be necessary, and what instead is considered superfluous, in order to bring an innovative result thanks to the combined use of both manual and digital tools.

Norway Says
Norway Says is a trio of designers from Oslo internationally recognized, so as to win the prestigious "Designer of the Year" award. Their point of pride is the use of a simple language to express complex concepts, the same philosophy they also put in all the products they create.

Ole Jensen
OLE JENSEN is a Danish designer who became famous thanks to his wide range of ceramic objects with a unique design. He has won several design awards and exhibited in important places such as the MoMA in New York.

Matti Klenell
Swedish designer who first stood out for his innovative approach to the Scandinavian idea of the bond form and function. In 2000, he founded his own company, the Matti Klenell Studio, which works for a large number of clients through serial production projects, but also limited editions and art committees for both the government and private customers. One of the design works that made him famous is the Four vase created for Muuto in 2006. Four is a blown glass cold-worked vase available in various combinations of coloured and transparent glass: it is a beautiful piece of design.