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Books do furnish a room: but how?
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Books do furnish a room: but how?

As all book lovers know, a collection of books affords not only access to endless pleasure and knowledge, but also, when skillfully deployed around the home, the opportunity to create a myriad of different impressions. 

In Books Do Furnish a Room, self-confessed bibliophile Leslie Geddes-Brown offers inspirational solutions and practical tips on how to make the most of books in every room and forgotten nook of the house. 

In their way, books are like pictures on the wall; they reveal whether you are a minimalist with all covers hidden under plain wrappers, a maximalist whose every room has a generously filled bookcase, or an anarchist whose preferred method of storage is an untidy heap.
Leslie Geddes-Brown
  1. 1. The shelves in a bookshelf must be spaced according to the books height, leaving at least 5cm empty to easily extract the books without damaging them.
  2. 2. The right lighting is essential to make the books titles readable.
  3. 3. A coffee table where to place the books that you take off the shelf.
  4. 4. A comfortable armchair or a chair will make everything more cosy.

You never know when and where you will need your next fix of books. So, why should you keep all your books in a single room, when you can use them to furnish your whole house?


The living room

The books you keep in the living room should be the ones intended for occasional consultation. Alternating books with carefully chosen knick-knacks will create a pleasant effect.

If in the living room there is a fireplace, two niches on the sides are perfect for creating two symmetrical bookcases flush with the fireplace wall, a great classic in interior design. If the compartment is deep enough, it will also accommodate large volumes and the final result will be even better. Try to match the style of your books - colours and formats - with your home decoration

Joy 7-shelf bookcase - Second Chance
Ptolomeo Original bookcase H 215 cm
Egg Armchair
Swell armchair
Egg Armchair in leather
Serafino bookcase


Old, redundant fireplaces, especially in bedrooms, are useful for book storage. But don’t think that bookcases are too traditional. Design can help, have a look. 

Just a hint: in the bedroom try to order your books by colour, according to chromotherapy you will improve your wellness.


Kids room

Choose a shelf that can hold many books as well as toys is utilitarian and pleasing to the eye and find a large basket or two to hold all of your child’s current favorite books. Having several places to put books away can provide the natural way to organize.

Moby Shelf


The kitchen is not just for cooking anymore. For most people, it’s where the majority of their time is spent, sharing meals, doing family projects, and entertaining. And, as it turns out, it’s the place where some are storing their book collections.

If you are one of those who think that food and books should not mix, just choose a closed armchair to store your recipes. 

Antologia by MoggAntologia by Mogg


No shame, the practice of reading on the toilet is really widespread and do not forget that often the only “me” time a busy mother gets is those precious moments when taking a bathroom break with her favourite book.

Books can stay actually everywhere. 

Corridors and Lobbies

Here the bookish touch can do its best: narrow, dark corridors can become wonderful space if you place there high bookcase to creare a real wall of books. 

And you, where do you store your books?

Hay + LundiaHay + Lundia
Classic bookcase with shelves and drawers
Antologia 3 shelving
Stick System bookcase 1x3
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