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Elisabetta: a new generation's Christmas table
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Elisabetta: a new generation's Christmas table

Design is for women? Actually, half of our customers, half of you, are men. That being said, today’s featured team member is a woman, but what a woman she is! Elisabetta, head of merchandising at LOVEThESIGN.

Elisabetta, also known as Betta, is your go-to colleague in the office, a sort of big sister for everyone here at LOVEThESIGN. Betta is in charge of selecting the products that will end up on the site for sale. We like the idea that if there’s a piece you’re raving about from, it’s because of her. 

We have over 20,000 products to choose from, did she really choose them all? Why yes she did, one by one.

What’s that entail, a bad case of OCD? The opposite, actually. We’re talking about a very calm and easy-going person, with quite the taste, who’s able to choose from styles and trends even for the long run. Just like the other 20,000 products, she knows what all of you want, one by one, creating a selection you’ll go head over heels for.

6 Questions to Betta

1 • Betta, when it comes to picking something out for yourself, as someone on top of her game, what's your approach? What sticks out to you?
In order to take in all the current trends, without any sort of subjectiveness, I go with what I like to call a new-classic style. I like simple, modern lines, neutral colours, elegant and timeless shapes.

2 • Is that a sneak peek at your Xmas? Are you going back to Sardinia?
I’ve spent little more than two years in my apartment in Milan and, even though I haven’t quite put the finishing touches on it (there’s not much left, but I like to take my time, rrrrreally take my time), it’s still ready to play host. This year Sardinia is coming to me!

3 • Wow! So what do you have on tap for the special occasion?
I’ll be focusing on the Christmas table, and for good reason: the apartment is rather Milanese in that it’s tiny, and we will literally always be around the table. Jokes aside, I want to show my mum that you can still be refined even with a modern and not necessarily classic setting. The new table line by Alessi, Dressed Xmas, has really got my attention, from the flatware all the way to the accessories. Just look at how lovely the placeholders and napkin rings are!

Dressed cutlery set for 6
Taccia Led Table Lamp Small
Il Conico kettle

4 • What are the keys to a successful hosting experience at home?
Candles! I love light all around the house and the warm atmosphere that candles create right off the bat. Even one gets the job done, but I simply couldn’t keep my hands off the Rosendahl candelabrum and its Nordic vibes.

5 • Given that you do it for a living: a piece of advice for a Xmas gift with a bang?
The best gifts are those that don’t follow the latest trends or fashions, because those are such a bore! I’d much rather give something that will withstand time, something that 50 years from now you can still show off. Something along the lines of lamps by Flos, like the Taccia. Otherwise, going back to Alessi, the classic Conico kettle.

6 • Do people usually give you spot-on gifts? What would you like to get this year?
Yeah, by this point everyone knows how demanding I am! Actually, you know what? This year I’m gonna cut loose. I saw this adorable Coco Chanel kokeshi (Japanese doll - editor’s note): I think it kind of looks like me, I’ve gotta get my hands on it!
And, considering that in my apartment we’re going to spend a lot of time sitting (not just for the limited space but for the culinary selection - I’m not exactly the best of cooks), I’m on the lookout for a classic board game to play. I’m a big fan of the Wild&Wolf game set, especially the new edition with its captivating graphic features.

Coco Kokeshi Doll
Party Compendium
Poker Set
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