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Francesca presents: Christmas at home - with a modern edge
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Francesca presents: Christmas at home - with a modern edge

It’s been a week since Jack the Reindeer, LOVEThESIGN’s newcomer, unveiled his Christmas. Meanwhile, the holiday atmosphere has begun to spread throughout the office. I know, this doesn’t really get your juices flowing. 

What you really want to know is: who’s Francesca?


All our efforts have gone towards a single goal: helping LOVEThESIGN customers’ dreams come true. Francesca is on the front line, in cutting-edge form.

Alongside her team – made of only the warmest and most adventurous around – she grinds away through thick and thin to get to the bottom of things and answer the customer’s every need, whether before, during or after purchase. Not your typical pushover.

Q&A. Even more Q&A. The questions keep coming, so why should the answers wait? It’s a matter of experience: It’s impossible to know everything! When Christmas gets closer, the questions really pour in, and in all shapes and sizes! Is it too late to get a lamp for my sister? or What would you recommend for my wife? or How did you decorate your home this year?


Q&A, about work and about passion. Who’s better than Francesca at answering your curiosities regarding holiday decor?

1 • Hi Francesca, how are you going to welcome your Christmas guests this year?
This will be the first Christmas in my new home here in Milan. I’m in a good place right now and, given the new look and situation, I’m inviting my friends over for the holidays. My goal for the house is to create a welcoming Christmas.

Max Tablecloth 150x150
2 Kastehelmi paper napkin packages
Passion gold 16-piece flatware set

2 • So will you be decorating your house, then?
Oh yes, I enjoy doing it. This year will be all about new vibes so I’m leaving the traditional ornaments in the closet, in exchange for something both original and minimal. Could it be LOVEThESIGN getting to me? Let’s just say I’m not on the lookout for a classic tree, much to the dismay of Jack the Reindeer.

3 • So which rooms do you express your Christams spirit in?
The living room, a place where I spend the most time with friends, and even the entrance. Honestly, I haven’t thought too in depth about it. I saw a star-shaped lamp by Star Trading, a simple piece I like a lot. I’d also like to buy a bunch of candles and smaller decorations – like sleds and snowflakes – that are all clear and bring snow to mind. I’ll definitely be putting up lights on the balcony!

2 clear glass ornaments
3 Avvento Candle Holder H9,5cm
Nature Tree Christmas lights

4 • The Christmas spirit will be strong in your home! What's the gift you'd like most to receive this Christmas?
The bell decorations by Alessi, I’m all about them. I also love the tea set by Villeroy & Boch, which is great for drinking hot chocolate with my sister and shooting the breeze. Another thing I’m really into is the Ferm Living Christmas stocking as well as the little characters by Lucie Kaas.

5 • What is the first gift you have or will put under the tree?
The table lamp by La Petite di Artemide. A modern LED light that’s got a truly clean-cut design. It’ll be the perfect Christmas gift for my new home!

LYSeKIL Table Lamp
3 Let It Snow ornaments
La Petite table lamp
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