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How to Rent your Apartment on Airbnb
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How to Rent your Apartment on Airbnb

You have certainly relied on Airbnb. At least once, abroad or in Italy, during a holiday with your friends or on a business trip.

You and another 150 million people: Airbnb's success is planetary.

It is the travelers’ paradox: even if you leave to stay away from your apartment there is nothing as satisfactory, after a long day of exploration, as coming ‘home’, even if you’re a hundred km away from your real home.

credit: historiskahemcredits: historiskahem

Have you ever thought of offering the same feeling to those who come to visit your city? Have you ever thought of becoming an Airbnb host?

If the answer is yes, but you do not know where to start, you’re in the right place.

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1. Short-term Rental Regulation

Short-term Rental Regulations have been popping up across Europe and the US Local authorities around the world have started making a fresh set of proposals that would force homesharers to register. Regulations have been introduced that either restrict hosts from renting out their homes or limit the amount of days in a year.

Get in-depth information about regulations in your city before putting your home on rent, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

2. How to become an Airbnb superhost

Or how to make your home even more homey - for others. In this regard, do not forget to give it a name when you put it on Airbnb!

A magic touch could be to provide your guests at least two types of pillows, one stiffer and the other one softer so that your guests can squeeze it before closing their eyes.

credit: historiskahemcredits: historiskahem

A five-star rating will allow you to become Superhost and, if you manage to keep it for at least four quarters in a row, you’ll get a travel credit. It’s not that easy after all: to be a Superhost, you will have to answer every single review, and always with education! And you must never refuse or cancel a reservation.

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3. Take inspiration from others

Even the eye wants its part: the perfect home on Airbnb may not exist, but there are at least three apartments from which you can be inspired to create an even more welcoming atmosphere at your place.

credit: Airbnbcredit: Airbnb

Maria Rita has made a masterpiece, turning a 12th-century Florentine monastery into a house worthy of the best interior magazines. Without distorting the old cottage that you have inherited, you can still take inspiration from this project: the historical accents, in architecture and furnishings, coexist perfectly with more contemporary touches thanks to the white walls and ceilings, which gives a restful feeling of freshness and lightness.

If you want to communicate a sense of authenticity and warmth, you should take inspiration from Lucie, Fred and their delightful Parisian apartment. The light, the high ceilings and the parquet do their part, it's true, but it's books, that air of living-but-for-really and those little touches of everyday life scattered around the rooms that will make you feel like a real Frenchman . Even if only for a few nights.

Usually, second homes and holiday apartments are furnished with vintage furniture picked up here and there. Even in the Portuguese house of Luis you have the feeling of jumping back in time, but the editorial cut is ensured by the choice not to overdo it with decorations and furnishings and the coherence of colors, all in warm tones. Which - perhaps not by chance? - they combine perfectly with the pasteis de nata you will have for breakfast.

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