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Modern fairy tales: the 2.0 weddings we all dream of
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Modern fairy tales: the 2.0 weddings we all dream of

Once upon a time little girls grew up dreaming as they were instructed to do by fairy tales, told to them first by books, and then by Disney films. The dream was to find a wonderful Prince Charming who would sweep them away to live in a castle with high pointy towers. In the saddle of a magnificent white horse, obviously.

When I arrived at work on Monday and heard our Art Director - a woman with her head screwed on - declare how moved she was by Fedez’s marriage proposal to Chiara Ferragni during his concert in Verona, I realised that perhaps today’s fairy tales are somewhat different.

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Princes and princesses have always got married, but if we think of the black and white photos of Grace Kelly’s wedding to Prince Rainier or the confused images of Charles and Camilla’s, we seem almost to have been present at William and Kate’s wedding, sitting next to Pippa Middleton.

Indeed, the wedding of the young royal bride and groom has been called the first Royal Wedding of the 2.0 era. It was watched live by 2 million viewers, on YouTube and conventional TV, while on social media the hashtag #royalwedding was overflowing. A Royal app was even developed for the occasion, available in 8 languages. It’s a shame Instagram Stories didn’t exist in 2012.

And their castle? Well, in this case it’s an almost-castle; but a palace nevertheless. The happy couple and their two adorable children live at Apartment 1A Kensington Palace, where Princess Diana once lived. Apparently their apartment has recently been refurbished. Who knows whether they’ve chosen a minimalist, uncluttered style or…royal chic? And where did they have their wedding list?

A photo with over 2 million clicks

One of the most gossiped-over and viral weddings in recent celebrity web chronicles was that of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The wedding took place at Forte Belvedere in Florence, and was attended by celebrities from all over the world #italiabella.

The photo of Kanye and Kim’s wedding kiss made history after receiving almost 2 million likes on Instagram in just a few hours. Maybe even the haters have given in to the romance of a kiss in a wedding dress?

And the newlyweds’ home? Not a castle with towers, but a fabulous house on the Hidden Hills estate, among the hills overlooking the Los Angeles coast. Luxurious and impressive, the house is immediately striking for its elegant - albeit slightly out of place - style. European Country style. Looking at it, Provençal houses spring to mind: pale colours, natural wood, soft fabrics and furniture chosen to be beautiful and comfortable. A relaxed atmosphere, chic and refined but not impersonal. And their wedding list? Nobody knows.

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A house in the country and loads of love

A gorgeous country house near Lake Como, plenty of guests, the hastags #bebride and #Juls&TeoMarried clogging up my Instagram feed and a dedicated website for the venue and the wedding list. I’m not talking about another royal wedding or a photo with 2 million likes, but the marriage of my best friend and her wonderful new husband. A totally fairytale wedding.

Ben RosettBen Rosett

Of course my granny couldn’t get her head round the fact that I could buy the wedding present with a couple of clicks from the sofa at home, and there was no need to make a trip to the department store. Not to mention when I told her, after she’d been checking the mailbox for days looking for the traditional printed invitation, that all she needed to do was check her inbox.

And the wedding dress? Has to be tried on. Even in the 2.0 age, that’s one tradition that can’t be abandoned. But for gifts it’s another story. Where do Giulia and Matteo live? They're in CityLife too, in a splendid orange house in modern, minimalist style, right opposite Fedez.

There’s a fairytale for everyone.

Will today’s little girls dream of being whisked away in a Lamborghini by a rapper tattooed from head to toe, to live in a fabulous CityLife house in Milan? Some mums might not be so keen. As for me, I’m glad that romance - in all its various forms - is still going strong. All due to Disney?

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