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Practical guide to Autumn: lighting up candles, every night
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Practical guide to Autumn: lighting up candles, every night

Swapping summer clothes for winter ones, changing your wardrobe and your habits. Maybe you even feel like cutting your hair.

Drinking a cup of coffee is part of my morning ritual, it signifies the real beginning of my day that until then is usually pretty confused. Whereas, after I turn my key in the lock, leave my bag on the floor and put my slippers on at the entrance, lighting a candle has become my evening ritual in this season.

I notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.
Friedrich Nietzsche

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Having a ritual

Even if it hasn’t been scientifically proven yet, lighting a candle in autumn on evenings and weekends helps you endure even the gloomiest of days.

The ritual starts with striking a match on the back of the box (it’s OK if you use a lighter instead, but you’ll be loosing some of the magic). The scent of the candle that circulates around the room is extremely calming (haven’t you picked a scented candle? Really? Why?): it makes the tension you’ve accumulated throughout the day disappear, while it helps you think about pleasant things.

But why have candles become an essential part of autumn?

It’s possibly because of a widespread bout of fireplace envy: with fireplaces gradually disappearing from people’s homes, especially in cities, we’ve had to make do with a more practical alternative that would however suggest the same sensation of domestic warmth – it’s no coincidence that people talk about hearth and home.

The complete kit for this autumn-time ritual includes a hot drink you have to sip slowly (because it’s hot), your favourite blanket and a book or a TV series you need to catch-up on. Don’t forget your cashmere socks and shag-pile carpet if you want to post a picture on Instagram.

Lanterne by HolmegaardLanterne by Holmegaard
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Pine and caramel, together too

Just lighting a candle isn’t enough: its scent is important too. And obviously, also the aesthetics play an important role, a matter that has made the fortune of brands like Rory Dobner.

The candle scents too change in accordance with the season: they go from the fresh and energizing summery scents to the warmer and spicier scents that generally include amber, cinnamon and caramel. And if the candle is inspired by nature, it’s generally pine scented.

I’ve almost convinced you, I can feel it. You would like to join my autumn-time candle ritual, but you’re a cleaning fanatic and you’re worried that the smoke might damage your walls and furniture? You should know that there’s a solution: fragrance diffusers.

Whereas fairy lights will have to do for mood lighting.

photo credits: Habitually Chicphoto credits: Habitually Chic
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