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De Vecchi

In 2010 the gold company Vhernier bought Atelier De Vecchi, the silversmith workshop founded by Piero De Vecchi in 1935. Two souls, De Vecchi's and Vherneir's, sharing the same cultural DNA: craftsmanship, essential shapes, precious materials.
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In 2010 the gold company Vhernier bought Atelier De Vecchi, the silversmith workshop founded by Piero De Vecchi in 1935. Two souls, De Vecchi's and Vherneir's, sharing the same cultural DNA: craftsmanship, essential shapes, precious materials.

Since 1935, De Vecchi has collected one success after another, so much so that some of its objects are exhibited in museums all around the world. The De Vecchi atelier was a silver-processing workshop and its founder Pietro was a sculptor and an engraver. Since when he was a young man, Pietro took part in Futurism, the movement developed at the end of the 19th century that fully adhered to modern life and that with its concept of dynamism would have completely changed all artistic and cultural fields. And De Vecchi succeeded in it with his T8 candle holder, a "Picnic Set" and an aluminum Thermos: thanks to these three items De Vecchi is catapulted onto the world scene, receiving a Diploma of Honor from the MoMA museum in New York. Since then, his creations were exhibited at the Triennale of Milan and in many other museums all over the world.

With the T8 candle holder, De Vecchi revolutionized the traditional design of candle holder, creating a dynamic, modern, but also very elegant object.

In 1962, Gabriele succeeded to his father Pietro. Gabriele like his father, collaborated with many artists; he also founded the group T, meaning the Kinetic Programmed Art movement which creates a different relationship with everyday objects, that remain modern and functional objects but are made of innovative materials. Gabriele has always worked with silver, and this is why he created the Slow Drink carafes, which are the result of a detailed study of silver and its qualities, and of the relationship between this metal and the surrounding environment thanks to its reflective qualities.

The result of this study are these carafes where water, before reaching the glass, has to go through the maze of its spouts, flowing like a stream and producing a sound like a gurgle. This reminds us that even drinking a simple glass of water should be done quietly: the twisted spouts of these carafes focus our attention on the water while it slowly finds its way to the glass, and this make us realize that life is not only running, but that even a simple gesture can become a ritual. Gabriele becomes, like his father, a protagonist of the international design scene.
Each object by this brand is produced by master goldsmiths, who thanks to their skills and careful hand-made work can guarantee the originality and perfection of each item.

This company has always loved silver as an essential part of contemporary design, and it has always collaborated with very talented designers who brought De Vecchi to a very high level all around the world. The T8 candle holder is a historical object and it is exhibited in many museums. Even today, thanks to its perfect and up to date shapes, T8 is produced in silver and thanks to its refined and elegant style it is still very well known and appreciated. The creation of the T8 in 1935 has revolutionized the shapes and symmetries of the classic candle holder. In fact, T8 consists of a single intertwined arm, which represents the infinity symbol and modernizes the candle holder without affecting its timeless elegance. This candle holder has become an icon of style and an elegantly sophisticated object, which is still perfect in any environment and matches any kind of furniture.

This example of style is produced by the De Vecchi company, just a few specimens every year (about 99, in a limited edition) in order to keep unchanged its value and originality. From the acquisition of De Vecchi by the Vhenier company (which produces fine jewellery) amazing silver creations were born. And also very innovative, which radically changed the concept of silver ornament. The silver ornament changes its typical shapes and become a piece of furniture with a modern and contemporary design. This brand invented and reinvented silver objects creating a unique style. The high quality, the Made in Italy and the love for beauty led this company towards the creation of products destined to those people who like to surround themselves with classy objects that are beyond the usual pursuing new creations that are modern, but at the same time extremely sophisticated.

Also the T8 candle holder is reinterpreted, with different versions in silver and PVC, but still very peculiar. Silver is reshaped in collections with new shapes, it changes and becomes a thin wire to create filigree-like items; and its interweaving creates unique and particular items or becomes dazzling to create centrepieces or furnishings that are some real gems of design. Original carafes that get lost in their game solids and voids, creating shiny objects that reflect the light, lamps obtained from a single piece of silver that find their sense the shape of a ring from where the light comes out.

De Vecchi is also innovation. Many of its creations are practical and versatile: a tray for aperitifs has an element with six toothpicks that moves thanks to a magnetic system; the tasting set has, in addition to the jug, a convenient tray where to put the aperitifs.

De Vecchi's innovation does not stop here. Its silver creations were made through a special process, called "Stainless Technology": a modern nanomolecular treatment which prevents silver and gold to darken over the years without any polishing.
De Vecchi is a company of long experience: over the years it has evolved and it bases its success on innovation, on the research of more modern and functional materials and technologies to create products that are not only beautiful in their shapes, but also reliable, useful and durable over time. Moreover, this company creates limited edition items to ensure the exclusivity of its products, and keeps preferring silver as a material, that thanks to its sophisticated elegance and purity fascinates and amazes everyone who's able to recognize and appreciate pure elegance.

Silver, in every form, is studied and reinterpreted; the light plays with its facets and its brilliance and this way amazing pieces of design come to life and has its own story to tell.