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This is How to be the Perfect Host or House Guest
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This is How to be the Perfect Host or House Guest

Autumn is here and this means three things: you realize you forgot to buy a pair of waterproof shoes again, it is impossible to choose from all the festivals planned for the weekend and the festive season is basically around the corner.

You can also notice that all your friends and family have restarted to organize trips and dinners. In the meantime, on the other side of the phone, you start thinking that you do not own enough sets of towels and that the sofa you were sleeping on during your university years is no longer as comfortable.

Or maybe it never was.

The season of hosting is officially open, and it will last from here until Christmas - for the most daring, even up to the Epiphany -. Better to be prepared. Because, whether you want to be a guest or a host, there are rules to follow to make sure you always succeed.

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How to be a great host

Hosting one or more people at home could sound challenging, especially if you're not used to sharing your space. Do not worry, though: the perfect host is not the most organized, but the one who can prove to be flexible.

Which simply means being twice as organized.

When it comes to dinners, a console or an extendable table is enough to accommodate all your guests. 

If they will stay for the night, think of a couple of alternatives for everything: you will need both a soft and a stiff pillow, a wool blanket and a quilt, natural and sparkling water, cereals and rusks.

Opt for a colorful set of towels, so that your guest won't feel embarrassed in case he gets them dirty. Always remember to prepare a space for your suitcase or bag, perhaps with lots of drawers or crutches at your disposal.

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How to be a good guest

If you have been invited for dinner, do not show up empty-handed. Get in touch with the other guests to avoid bringing the same cake or bottle of wine. 

The best idea for dessert? Some fruit ice cream, which is also good for lactose intolerants and vegans, and a bar of dark chocolate to garnish. It's a simple solution for you too, because it's easy to find just a moment before ringing the bell.

The pro trick that will instantly turn you into the perfect guest? To throw away the empty bottles at the end of the party.

If you'll stop for a couple of nights, think about what you necessarily need to really feel at ease. For example, I hate feeling cold and I am sensitive to noise, so  I usually pack a heavier pajamas and a pair of earplugs.

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A few bonus secrets 

Surely those who host you will do everything to spend time with you and, if you are hosting, you have certainly thought of a couple of places to see together and places to go to have dinner.

In both cases, it is polite to understand the other's need for privacy. Be as independent as possible: think of an alternative plan if you have a few hours available and do not get too annoyed if your projects have been postponed.

Last thing: be patient. Because both the guest and the host have to adapt. 

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