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A matter of affinity: Seletti and Andy Warhol
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A matter of affinity: Seletti and Andy Warhol

They say great minds think alike. In fact, two people who have the same vivid intelligence, regardless of external factors, sometimes find themselves extraordinarily aligned.

Histrionic, ironic, visionary: would you use these words to describe yourself, Andy? These three adjectives suit you well, and they’re the same we would use to talk about Stefano Seletti. An incredible person, may we add, who stands out for his enthusiasm. You would have wanted him in your Factory.

Il Design Pride di Seletti al Salone del Mobile 2018 Seletti Design Pride 2018. From top to bottom and from left to right: Stefano Seletti, Marcantonio, Job Smeets, Maurizio Cattelan

The starting point for everything was basically your Factory, your laboratory and the open house where young New York-based artists could find a collective space to create. Even Seletti has its own creative laboratory, the Selab - the place where Stefano and his fellow designers make the magic happen. Creativity and vision know no limits - that’s art, not simply design.

That’s why, Andy, we couldn’t help thinking of you, looking around in Seletti’s stand at the latest Milan’s Salone. It was the most irreverent and colorful of the whole fair. To use a term that’s familiar to you, it was Pop.

Art must be consumed, like any other object.
Andy Warhol

Banana Huey table lamp
Banana Louie table lamp
Banana Dewey table lamp
Neon Mouth lamp with transformer
Love in Bloom vase
Hot-dog flat plate

Lamps and furniture by Seletti at Milan Design Week 2018

We could almost hear your voice as we walked through Seletti’s stand. The serial image repetition seems to have inspired both your work and the Blow collection by Studio Job, that similarly stands out for the hypnotic, identical patterns. And what’s more American than a hot dog? Studio Job turned that American icon into a super soft sofa. Somehow what you did with the Campbell soup.

Studio Job x SelettiHot Dog Sofa, Sexy Boy Lazy Chair, Cora lamp, Cat lamp, Mouth plates, Banana lamp - Studio Job x Seletti
The masses want to appear anti-conformist, so this means that anti-conformism must be produced for the masses.
Andy Warhol

And if Pop Art feeds on icons, you can find a thousand of them in Seletti’s collections. Think of the Monkey lamps or the Mouse lamps and the Luminarie mirrors by Marcantonio. Or the new Cat Lamps by Studio Job: small masterpieces of craftsmanship and technology, which are already aiming to become the brand’s new symbol. As your silkscreen portraits, from Mao Tse Tung to Marylin Monroe.

Marcantonio x SelettiMonkey lamp, Luminaire headboard, Luminaire mirror, Mouse lamp - Marcantonio x Seletti
Luminaire mirror - small
Standing Mouse table lamp - white
Hanging Monkey wall lamp
Kintsugi flat plate 1 - Second Chance
Fingers Table lamp
Fingers Set of 4 cutlery

From Milan's Design Pride to MoMA

Stefano Seletti likes doing big things on all occasions. This year, too, with the Design Pride in Milan, he brought music, designers and young students to the streets. An unusual happening, we would say, very far from formal aperitif rituals. Who else would dare to organize such an event?

Colorful, irreverent, theatrical are the keywords for all the collections, starting with the legendary Toilet Paper, developed in collaboration with Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, which ended up at the MoMA Store.

Seletti wears Toilet PaperShit armchair, Shit pouf, Drill pillow, Lipstick sofa, Eye & Mouth round rug, Phone rectangular rug (hanged), Flower plate, Lipstick plate, Spaghetti plate - Seletti wears Toilet Paper

You would have surely loved Seletti's vibrant world, their multicolor message, made of a kaleidoscope of shapes and functions. That's why we talk about affinity. You, Andy, created a movement that embraced all artistic languages, supporting and promoting all forms of unconventional communication that deserved to be expressed.

And, like you, Stefano Seletti has decided to amaze the world, because the key is to take design as a game. That’s when everything deserves to be explored and reinterpreted.

I respect the teachings of the past, but the only thing I can do is look forward.
Stefano Seletti
Industry Collection office chair
Blue Shades neon lamp
Peace round mirror
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