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Christmas gifts for kids to astound their parents
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Christmas gifts for kids to astound their parents

Alex Jr., Alex Sr. and Chiara’s son, born premature, is fiery and uncontrollable. Giulia, Fabian and Federica’s daughter is refined, vain and chatty, in sharp contrast with her informal hippie mother.

Ludovica, Simone and Francesca’s daughter, who are two respected professionals and first-time art collectors, is a funny loud tomboy who promises to grow twice as tall as her parents.

Like father, like son?

What do I get my friends’ kids for Christmas?

As a matter of fact, you can’t stand these kids but they serve a purpose: they save you the hassle of finding Christmas presents for their parents. You’ve been giving presents to these friends and relatives for over twenty years, and thanks to your kindness and the generosity of their credit cards, they surely want for nothing.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone you’ll have to get them something that... isn’t for them, at least not altogether.


Daft Punk Print
Mr. Nuk print
Cool colour print
Hop Hop Horse
Kids Map
Diamonds Toy Bag

The boys’ room

You’re more likely find Alex Jr. hunting for crocodiles under his bed, with a pair of white socks worn as gloves and using his mother’s portable hair-dryer as a weapon, than sitting diligently at his desk. I’m going to get him something that will turn his bedroom into the perfect magical kingdom in which he can play out his adventures.

If you saw this as in your own interest too? Holding in mind all the times they have come for dinner, and the little pest has stained your tablecloth, poured water on the table and drawn trajectories on the floor using unspecified organic matter?

A special tray like the one by Ezpz that will anchor the little devil safely to his seat and protect your antique oak table top, or perhaps a play-tent to keep the boy in his comfort zone. Comfortable for you too, I mean.

Leo Stool
Hup carpet
Mister Tody Flying Circus airplane
Mister Tody ship
Leon Lion ottoman for children
Kroko Shelf
Dots tent
Casetta tablecloth
Kids Plate Happy Mat

Gifts for girls

You would like to get your own back for all the times Giulia has candidly asked you, in public, where your husband is and why you never bring a plus one.

But her parents are really dear friends of yours, so you’ll wait until she turns eighteen to get your own back. For now, you pick something pink, sweet and feminine. A tea-set she can use to entertain her imaginary guests, all made-up and bejewelled.

photocredit: These Mattersphotocredit: These Matters

Design gifts for kids (or for their parents?)

For Simone and Federica, oops, you meant to say for their darling little Ludovica, you will browse through all those interior design brands that have a fun piece in stock, if not actually made for kids. The parents will continue to brag to their friends about their taste in décor (sigh) and their daughter can enjoy riding a bunny designed by Stefano Giovannoni..

You can always give to the people you can’t really stand those presents that a conscientious parent, or rather, at least one out of two – usually the mother – might never think of: an afternoon riding dirt bikes, a season ticket at the local amusement park, a rock-climbing wall for home.

Get ready to spend the next Christmas by yourself.

8 Rocks S Climbing Holds - Wall Mount Concrete
Iconic Rocker Watermelon
Rainbows Dinner Set - 4 pieces
Biscuit ottoman for children
Princess lunch set
Nuvola LED wall lamp
Loulou Ghost chair for children
Tip Top coffee table
Rabbit Chair Baby
Mobi Led Table Lamp
Rabbit Chair Baby - metal
H-Horse rocking horse
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