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DOIY is a young producer of quality items at affordable prices. It was established in 2009 by Elodie and Jaime, two young entrepreneurs. Their fashion/design background, alongside with their passion and enthusiasm for creativity, have made DOIY expand quickly and all over the world.
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DOIY is a young producer of quality items at affordable prices. It was established in 2009 by Elodie and Jaime, two young entrepreneurs. Their fashion/design background, alongside with their passion and enthusiasm for creativity, have made DOIY expand quickly and all over the world.

There finally is an exclusive brand to make gifts of real design at moderate prices: we are talking about DOIY. This rising star of style gadgets is making a difference in the object design field. After only seven years of activity, DOIY has already left a remarkable imprint, becoming a benchmark in the field. Driven by creativity, taste for surprise, passion and enthusiasm for the study of increasingly captivating and original shapes, DOIY offers home accessories at very affordable prices. Jaime and Elodie, the young founders of the brand, have being improving their small company since the end of 2008, managing to form a formidable team. If you visit DOIY's studio, you can immediately feel a warm and welcoming atmosphere that binds the staff members: it is thanks to this harmony that new ideas come to life, they are the result of lively and intense collaborations.

Who is DOIY
DOIY is the most unusual brand on the market. The mission of the DOIY team is inspired by fashion, art and design. Through a combination of colours and feelings, between functions and trends, DOIY designers create and re-create every day unique items that are fundamentally attractive. Even the packaging of products is carefully conceived to remark the best features of every single element. Practicality is a hallmark for DOIY's designers: the aim is to design something that is useful and beautiful at the same time. The forms meet the primary criterion of functionality, which must be at the service of those who daily use a product. The motto of the group is about the illusion, dreams, creativity, freedom and happiness. The original concept of DOIY is based on what is called the new democratic design: the democratization of design does not only go in the direction of making the design world accessible to all, with reasonable prices, but also through the direct participation of the final users. This is where the name DOIY comes from: it's inspired by the sentence "do it yourself." In the era of the "doing it yourself", DOIY is the ultimate expression of co-working, liberalization of ideas and spontaneous cooperation between individuals. It's for these reasons that the DOIY team, while drawing inspiration from the typical daily life of the vibrant city of Barcelona, is influenced by the several journeys to the world capitals of trends such as Paris, Berlin, New York, Amsterdam or Stockholm.
This continuous exchange of ideas generates a steady stream of new mixes of style, and allows them to create bold, innovative and universal products. Over time, this concept was further developed and expanded, to the point that DOIY has come to earn the reputation of being a corner of uncommon design in the sector of small gifts. Today, DOIY products can be purchased in more than thirty countries around the world, in cities such as New York, Tokyo or Paris.

DOIY Designers
Since cooperation the pillar of the work of Doiy's staff, the presence of designers from all over the world is the perfect representation of this intent. Designers like Francesc Crous and Alessandro Calogero, who actively participated in internationally renowned projects such as the Roca Innovation Lab in Barcelona, offer solutions based on differentiation, giving a twist to familiar objects and orienting them towards humour and comedy. Oscar Diaz is a Spanish designer, who also works with other companies like Muji and Philipps and is dedicated to designing innovative products: he tries to understand, to explore and to question objects, taking account of their association with the context and culture. Stefán Pétur is a young Icelandic designer whose work combines graphic images with intelligent shapes, in order to create useful solutions for everyday life. To reconcile object design with the industrial one, Bryan Ku develops everyday objects with a strong identity. Ignacio Pilotto, from Argentina, is inspired by his thoughts and most intimate dreams. Finally Steve Gates is a young British designer who manages to find simple and surprising solutions to everyday problems, such as one of the greatest challenges of our time: space saving!

Happy gifts
The founders of the brand claim that DOIY coincides with creativity, surprise, passion and enthusiasm: so many emotions to define such a young brand designed for young people (and not only). The design of each item is conceived to make those who will use it or receive it as a gift smile with joy. Thanks to DOIY, people can acquire or share original objects, different from each other and made of high-quality materials. Each product must be able to surprise and bring joy to the day, to create a fresh and modern living space. DOIY transports the user into an optimistic world with iconic creations focused on curious gifts and home accessories. His creations always tell a story, which may be poetic, nostalgic, ironic, but that surely does not leave indifferent those who listen to it. The aesthetic component of its clean and modern accessories is able to make everyone in the world approach its items and avant-garde design. These fun, colourful and detailed objects are suitable for anyone who wants to be surrounded by art in every room of the house, from the kitchen to the living room, from the bathroom to the bedroom. For example, rubbers, pencil sharpeners or other stationery items are made to be decorative and appealing when they are placed on the desk. After presenting it on the occasion of the "Barcelona Design" exhibition, the designer Oscar Diaz has presented for DOIY a stylish pen holder (Pen Pal) at the London Design Festival 2011. This particular object for the desk, made of silicone, is a simple support for pens which allows you to put some order on your desk thanks to the presence of several conical holes to store smaller items such as clips, pencil sharpeners and so on: it's a useful and at the same time creative item. DOIY has also designed a series of three tools that for the kitchen that can be stacked and assembled the familiar Lego toy bricks, creating a sense of nostalgia for childhood. The 'cooking blocks' include a ladle, a spatula and a perforated spoon, all hanging from a rectangular panel with three coloured handles. The choice of using primary colours, such as blue, red and yellow, recalls a linear painting by Piet Mondrian and the original design brings some art into the kitchen. For every mood there is an object, and every room in the house has its perfect solution: surrounded by DOIY products, you can find the serenity and simplicity you deserve.