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Nature, Order and Plants: 3 Books
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Nature, Order and Plants: 3 Books

It goes likes this: You get home earlier than usual, just in time for the sunset. Natural light allows you to enter and not trip over your belongings. The first thing you do is turn on the lamp next to the couch, then you take off your jacket and shoes, slip into something comfortable and head to the kitchen. You turn on the oven lights, fill up a kettle and take your favourite book off the shelf.

You wait for the water to boil and prepare your tea with phone in hand, then you move over to the couch. Sitting on the table next to you are your favourite design, house and living books. New spins on living, beautiful images and valuable tips.

You're finally ready to reflect upon the journey that was 2016 in search of the best ideas for the coming year. We’ve got a set of three tips for you.

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Elemental Living: Contemporary Houses in Nature

A selection hand-picked by the team at Phaidon Press.60 homes that have a unique and special relationship with the environment that surrounds them. More than just a list of striking images, it’s an annotated collection that conveys a precise message.The theme for 2016 is something we’re quite used to as it’s rather common in architecture, furnishing and fabrics: nature, man, inspirations and contact.

Phaidon Press, hard cover, about £30 on Amazon.

The Complete Book of Home Organization

This is a genuine manual for a better life. The purpose of this book is concise and interesting:The connection between home design and home layoutis closer than you might imagine. This is only further accentuated if you live in a house.In a book, room by room, art transforms otherwise bland household settings.30 environments organized and narrated by Toni Hammersley.

Weldon Owen, soft cover, about £16 on Amazon.

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In Bloom: Creating and Living With Flowers

A successful book, what else is new? Well, the best reason to choose this volume is thatNgoc Minh Ngo is one of the best photographers of recent times.They aren’t photos that will blow you away, but rather ones that tell stories: In every shot you see the attention to detail, the ingenuity and the taste of homeowners. The second reason is that these aren’t houses out of a fairy tale or a billionaire’s dwelling. They’re simply houses and apartments like any other. Food for thought.

Rizzoli International, £40 on Amazon.

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